Fidel Castro’s US public relations problem

Fidel Castro led the Cuban revolutionary forces against Fulgencia Batista
Aww, it’s positively time to tune out the radio. Fidel Castro is stepping down and the Cuban malcontents, the would be scouts for capitalism, the agents of our banks and special interests, the progeny of corrupt Batistas run out in 1959, who cloak themselves as dissidents or oppressed civil rights activists, are jockeying to get in their last digs.

Fidel Castro’s PR problem is that the megaphone is in the hands of a corporate press intent on reclaiming the communist redistribution of wealth from its people.

Cuba Libre [of the US] may not ultimately survive Castro’s retirement and death, but our own people’s revolution would be better served to celebrate the accomplishment he represents. Fidel Castro liberated Cuba from the largest predatory power on Earth, and kept its claws at bay for going on 50 years. He didn’t do it like Gandhi, he wasn’t given the opportunity like Mandela. Castro repossessed the Cuban haciendas at gunpoint, with the same violent determination the Spaniards and Americans had shown in putting down every populist grievance since Christopher Columbus.

If the sinister quality of America’s imperialism is new to you, have a talk with any immigrant up from the south. Those Americans have been fighting the US for over a century. Indigenous populations of the Americas suffered for 400 years to throw off their Spanish occupiers, and no sooner were they succeeding when the USA stepped in to preserve the inequitable colonial power structure. US military (.mil) archives abound with accounts of US interventions throughout Central and South America to protect US business interests there, in the name of halting Communism. In Cuba, like nowhere else, Fidel Castro beat them.

2 thoughts on “Fidel Castro’s US public relations problem

  1. We Canadians are very fond of Castro, as are the French and several others. Trudeau was on a first name basis with him and we have been supporting the Cubans since ’59. Barbara Bush once told me ‘We like Pierre but we don’t agree with him’. How could she? Hubby was busy at the time rigging a ‘support ship’ called ‘The Barbara’ , to be positioned 23 miles off the Bay Of Pigs. The ship took off for Pensacola when the thing was called off and many invaders floated out to sea for weeks before they were picked up as far away as Vera Cruz, very much in need of food and water, not to mention Vaseline Intensive Care.

  2. They run with terrorists like Eden Pastora. Nice fellows the lot of them.

    “we” are still training their death squads. Except “we” aren’t supposed to confront them about it, ever, and not even supposed to speculate about it, because it’s not “our” business and “we” shouldn’t know about it. Just shut up and pay the bills, nothing to see here, citizen, keep moving…

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