When policemen don their gas masks

COLORADO COLLEGE- A friend of mine, not without influence at CC, shared my alarm at the police security buildup at the Denver DNC.
Mass response
Ultimately however, he considered the development to be of concern chiefly to those inclined to protest. Less relevant to those disinclined.

To those already disinclined? It’s a growing number.

He’s a lawyer. What would he have to protest?

I know our sense of well being with our system of government is predicated on an atmosphere of civility, where we count on justice to prevail. If we are wronged, law will intervene. Or, we can march straight over to some municipal building, register our grievance, and initiate the mechanisms by which to achieve redress. These rights are granted us by the Bill of Rights. Citizens concede our recourse to violence, and likewise, the state agrees not to obliterate us with its disproportionate might.

But what happens when some part of those agreements are abridged? Let’s say a court rules we cannot have redress. Let’s say the court decides against the law? What then? What if we are denied access to our representatives who legislate the laws? What if the enforcers shrug us off? To where do we take our voice? So quickly, a mutual agreement to remain civil, becomes rule by brute force. You voted for who? You expected what? Says you and whose army?

Hundreds of paramilitary police lining the street to fend off handfuls of political dissidents is more than overkill. Corporate and government strongholds are already impenetrable. Offices and lobbies and parking facilities restrict public access. Legions of combat police on the sidewalk is an altogether other escalation. It says, stay at home, you have no recourse. Behind us is a dead end. You’ll just get in the way.

Helmets and batons protect the police from the people. Gas masks protect policemen from who? From their own excessive means? In warfare the use of gas is forbidden.

1 thought on “When policemen don their gas masks

  1. No one controls the wind.

    a shift in the breeze and the “unruly violent anarchists” are no longer the ones being gassed, it’s other citizens.. Citizens who might have breathing problems, very young or very old…

    When the Police stand ready to arrest anybody seeking treatment for Gas injuries.

    When you see the Two-Legged Pigs removing their attack dogs and pulling back their mounted patrolmen…

    THAT is an extra 10 or 15 minutes to prepare.

    There’s no way they can fit a horse or a dog with a gas mask.

    The noise weapons, the “bad sunburn” microwave gun… You can spot where they’re located, they’ll be heavily guarded.

    Extra points in the way of community relations when the Anarchists mount a defensive effort aimed at minimizing the danger to Other CITIZENS from these “non” lethal weapons.

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