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Obama is not politically correct and regrets it!

___ Today in Wonderland USA, President Obama apologized to a woman for earlier calling her 'hot'. However, she was then warned that if she continued to get upset about his male chauvinist sexism that he would have to send a drone to her house and take appropriate CIC action. 38757

Too much superficial evaluation by two sexes superficially judging each other

I am shocked (not particularly) to see that the scientific evidence shows this... Both genders stare equally hard at womens body parts: study ... What next will science 'discover'? That both sexes stare equally hard' at men's wallet and porfolio parts?   I do declare! What would we do without science? Speaking of which, Helen Gurley Brown, editor of Cosmo Mag just died! ON the next day the 'scientific report' was made known to us non-scientists???? I do declare! I could have sworn she died centuries ago? Helen Gurley Brown, Who Gave Single Girl a Life in Full, Dies at 90. 36529