How “The Surge” is working, Kiss Our Boot…

I know I’m going to get a lot of hate-responses for this from the Semi-Literate Establishment Members…The Surge is working only as a propaganda piece to fool the already fooled

The “surge” is proving that if you hold somebody’s neck under your boot heel he can’t fight back… but you can’t keep the boot heel there forever. Hitler found that lesson out.

Meanwhile Right Wing politicians are playing it up as though the Surge can go on indefinitely… at least until they get enough votes to continue the war that is so very profitable For THEM.

And if anybody mentions, like in my initial sentence, that it’s not sustainable,
they have a well trained Idiot Chorus Live who will loudly chant “The Surge IS Working The Surge IS Working The Surge IS four legs good, two legs baaaaaaddddd!”

Along with some pathetic crap like “My country right or wrong”,

which means that they intend to keep doing wrong in the name of OUR country

and anybody who doesn’t like it had better “Love it or Leave it”,

Which in turn means if they can get people who don’t like their Terroristic Emperor running (Ruining?) OUR country we should just leave and thus allow them to drive America further into the ground, unchallenged.
They would be able to do to America what they’re continuing to do to Iraq.

If the Surge had worked, and if, as our frequent Propaganda Visitors have told us, the People of Iraq are very much in favor of continued subservience to and domination by the American Oil Companies,

Then surely when the Publicly Funded Mercenary Military takes their boot off their collective neck, they will be Good Little Obedient Servants of The Empire and stay down, only rising up enough to Kiss The Jackboots…

So what’s preventing you from lifting your boot off their necks?

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