Is John McCain Sarah Palin’s grandpa?

Seven years after 9/11, and Bush still isn’t interested in catching Osama bin Laden. The only time he ever even thinks of him is around election time, when he uses him to scare up the voters. Well, that’s a Republican for you.
tough questions

On Sept. 11, 2002, John McCain was already trying to lie the country into attacking Iraq.

CREW issues it’s annual 20 Most Corrupt Congressmen report.

Corruption: it’s the Republican way. Bush Interior Dept. mired in scandal.

Unfit to be VP. Judge repeatedly warned Palin to stop attacking her sister’s ex.

CBS orders YouTube to remove McCain ad that deceptively misuses a quote from a CBS anchor to make it look like McCain has CBS’ support.

Don’t go near that dirty old man, son, he’s a Republican. John McCain goes after the child molester vote.

Just say NO to McCain. How John and Cindy McCain covered up her drug addiction, and their retribution against the man that exposed it.

Drunkest drinking game ever: take a drink every time McCain or Palin tell a flat-out obvious lie.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s 9/11 notes,

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