Great Democratic Disappointment begins

The Honeymoon is Over, America Wakes Up to No Change Obama.
O’s cabinet is starting to look a lot like W’s.

Obama making ultra-zionist wacko Rahm Emanuel Chief of Staff is nothing less than a blatant in-your-face declaration that there can be NO peace in the Middle East while Obama is president.

Ws in disguise. After voters give Obama a landslide victory, Democrats declare they do NOT have a mandate for change!

Faux journalist Chris Matthews declares he will be Obama’s bitch.

Billionaire casino owner (once the third richest man in the USA) and backer of Ultra Reich Wing causes, now bankrupt.

Is Bush planning a false-flag terrorist attack before Obama is inagurated? You betcha!

KKK News mocks African American tears at Obama’s victory speech.

mKKKain supporters display nooses in response to Obama win.

AntiChrist Dobson compares Obama win to Hitler’s destruction of Britain.

Sarah Palin apparently purloined those ritzy clothes, the GOP has sent lawyers to Alaska to demand their return.

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Nov 7 notes,

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