Obamanos to the cleaners

Some among the media are already predicting an Obama landslide. You’d almost think they believe their liberal bias. Are you convinced? I’m not.
How can the news outlets, owned by the corporate kleptocracy, be other than GOP double agents? I think their Obamaglee is to lull Dems into overconfidence, but most of all, to alarm White Bread America, that it’s time to defend that voting booth from the colored interloper. Countless times every day, Media Matters of America records misrepresentations of Barack Obama coming from all persuasion of the Fourth Estate. Why, if the media was sympathetic? Why are John McCain and henchwench Palin let to rile up their lynch mob supporters with less than a raised eyebrow? And why are government agencies still colluding to rig the November vote, if a McCain victory is a lost cause?

3 thoughts on “Obamanos to the cleaners

  1. ‘GOP double agents”? Good grief, Eric. Settle down. Does it really matter so much to you that the Democratic Party wins the White House this time around? Does the fate of the entire universe lie in them and you actually accomplishing that?

    I added the you in there simply because I think I’m registering some closet Democrat Party promotion-ism now on this blog. Not to mention a whopping amount of paranoia.

    Once again we should ask ourselves… Will the Democrats do anything that much appreciably different than the Republicans?

    The answer seems clear to me that NO, they will not. On issues of substance they will do almost exactly the same thing with a lot more powdery sugar always added. The Republicans always do their act with a snarl and a growl, and seeing some sugar appear again may at first appear quite different, but it’s the style, and not the substance.

    The fact is, neither of these political tendencies have anything on hand other than having the Business Community ruling over all of us, no matter how painful it might be to everybody else.

  2. Remember: The only vote that counts is Diebold’s!

    OTOH, Der Unitary Executive might just declare a national emergency (McCain’s plummeting poll numbers) and cancel the election.

    Like Tony, I doubt Obama would be that great of a president, but McCain is — seriously — insane, and Palin is even worse.

    Then again, the US is crumbling faster than the USSR did, so maybe another American Revolution is on its way.

    The only scenario I DON’T see happening, is the one so many Democrats fantasize: that Obama will win, the sun will come out tommorrow, and everything will fine again. It’s just too late for that to happen. When the bottom has rusted out of the bucket, you can’t just go back to the well to fill it up again.

  3. ‘Remember: The only vote that counts is Diebold’s!’

    Actually, that is not true. The only vote that counts is the American ruling class’s vote amongst themselves, Diebold or not. Al Gore did not take office due not to Diebold machines but due to him not gathering the majority support amongst America’s ruling class. Sorry to break another Democrat’s myth…

    Yes, I know. Most of you who read this don’t even believe that there is an American ‘ruling class’. You are too wrapped up in believing in American written fairy tales about ‘American democracy’ where every vote counts and lada, lada, blah, blah, blah… That’s why you bought into the big bad bubble. Come on! You know that you did!

    We have a sort of distorted corporate democracy in the US, but no democracy for you and me. Diebold machines have little to do with anything.

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