PPJPC exits stage left, lily-livered left

COLORADO SPRINGS- Oh How Sad! After a long and storied legacy, the Pikes Peak Justice & Peace Commission is closing its doors. Why now –a time of rising injustice and vanishing peace on every continent?! Technically they’ve only announced divestment of their goods in order to move into a tiny office, but the PPJPC is also postponing all activity until after the election. The next event planned is a victory celebration of “regime change” even though the presumptive new regime has promised escalations of war in Asia, Africa and South America, and continued economic class war at home. And it gets worse.

The bastards, literally bastards not by coincidence I’m sure, have gutted the famed peace organization of its activities, of its participants, of its reputation, legacy and potential and now they’re selling off its possessions.

These include the group’s “memorabilia,” as if PPJPC’s aims weren’t still outgoing. Wouldn’t you think the causes still cry out for those materials? All the tools and equipment gathered over the years are now being demobilized. The posters, banners, puppets, flags, props, costumes, made by activists, for the good fight. Are you kidding me?!

And the PPJPC library, an extensive collection of books about social justice and nonviolence are being scattered to the wind of the same garage sale. These books, painstakingly assembled for the cause and donated by so many members so that the PPJPC office would have a permanent reference library are now being sold to defray the costs of moving. And keeping the staff.

For what? Administrating the liquidation? Have PPJPC members been asked to contribute more and more, chiefly so that the organization can be dismantled and slipped into a coma? To keep the staff paid? When the PPJPC membership at large figure out that they’ve been subsidizing their own deliberately paralyzing iv-drip, they are going to invent their own choice words for these soft-spoken traitors.

I’D SUGGEST someone attending the going-out-of-the-peace-making-business-sale if only to rescue the materials we’ll need to keep up the fight. If it didn’t mean giving more money to the usurpers! That’s extortion, taking our money to reclaim what we donated already! What unmitigated passive aggressive violence.

These paid staff manipulated the tendency of all small groups to take the road most traveled. Specifically, to hush up in the perceived interest of self-preservation. This manifests itself among a minority in the PPJPC who follow a cultish spiritual belief that the only way to stop a wayward wagon is to throw yourself under the wheel. Eventually it’s hoped the driver will stop out of pangs of conscience. Other concerned passengers, who might want to gesticulate or address the driver, are scolded for not giving the sacrificial sheep the opportunity to incubate their guilt bomb in peace.

These self-appointed arbiters of “pacifism” take the “peace” in J&P to mean a quiet, undisturbed, reverential, leave-me-in-peace, peace. It’s the “nonviolent” dogma that has been used to defuse slave uprisings for millennia. It’s the traditional disservice which religion deals in its role to make the oppressed accept their mistreatment at the hands of their oppressors. While we might concentrate on religion’s role in starting wars, we overlook their constant undermining of justice.

Do I have something personal at stake in this unraveling development? I most certainly do! Over the past years, I joined a number of energetic activists in raising the visibility of the local peace movement. We gave it a public signature and a heretofore elusive acclaim, which was bringing in much more public participation. What became of the green peace campaign? Jettisoned. Abandoned. Cast off by the staff and select members who didn’t want an expanded interest in their activities. What are we left to conclude about people who espouse a concern to invite community, but shun populist appeal? Hypocrites is the most polite I can muster.

I’m so sorry to have left the organization to such vultures. I owe my fellow members quite an apology.

5 thoughts on “PPJPC exits stage left, lily-livered left

  1. The local people are not any more ‘vultures’ than the national demobilizers of the Antiwar Movement are, Eric. They are simply people much like the Green Party crowd that demobilized the Green Party campaign back in 2004, when they used their control over the GP bureaucracy to run a presidential campaign that actually advocated voting for the Democratic Party candidate of that time, John Kerry. Of course, that set the Green Party back light years.

    The national liberal community controlled by Lesser of Two Evil Thought is also in hibernation, and we can expect them to stay that way for months, as they plan and build no antiwar actions at all that would interrupt Obama’s honeymoon, which will not end until Obama moons them big time ala Slick Willie’s butt in the liberals’ face about Iraq.

    Add to this, the necessity for these ‘activists’ to drain money through their little job program, where they get to be ‘leaders’ in their community while on payroll. Add to this the churches, who call their tithing ‘activism’ for good causes. PEACE, Man.

  2. “PPJPC is also postponing all activity until after the election”

    Gasp, what would you have them do?
    Something that actually might affect something?
    Gee, I don’t see the Peanut Butter and Jelly Commission in that light at all.
    Their one specialty is singing Kum Bay Yah!

  3. Copies of an open letter to Jake Jabs and American Furniture Warehouse have been sent to the PPJPC via email, they might accuse me of being violent for doing that. I am posting this letter on this blog so that you can be the judge, was my letter to Jake Jabs an act of violence?????

  4. “Dear Mr. Jabs,
    Shame on you for going against what Martin Luther King fought for during the civil rights movement era. This is what Martin Luther King said about right to work laws in 1961:

    “In our glorious fight for civil rights, we must guard against being fooled by false slogans, such as ‘right to work.’ It is a law to rob us of our civil rights and job rights. It is supported by Southern segregationists who are trying to keep us from achieving our civil rights and our right of equal job opportunity. Its purpose is to destroy labor unions and the freedom of collective bargaining by which unions have improved wages and working conditions of everyone…Wherever these laws have been passed, wages are lower, job opportunities are fewer and there are no civil rights. We do not intend to let them do this to us. We demand this fraud be stopped. Our weapon is our vote.”
    —Speaking on right-to-work laws in 1961

    Again, Shame on you Jake Jabs!

    Jake Jabs C.E.O.
    American Furniture Warehouse
    8820 American Way
    Englewood CO, 80112.

  5. Great letter Ed! Jake Jabs is a bastard. I don’t think there’s any other way to put it. He’s willing to go thes length to pay his employees less, but does he forget who buys his furniture? How is he planning to sell his stuff to a worse paid labor pool? Maybe he’s going to shift into Rent-to-own usury…

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