JUST SAY NO to the WS Bailout Bandits

Plaza of the Rockies brokersMEET -AFTER WORK- TUESDAY at the corner of SMITH BARNEY and MORGAN STANLEY, where DAIN RAUSCHER meets BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON at the Plaza of the Rockies Building. That’s where Colorado Springs needs to voice its objections to a bailout for the Wall Street extortionists. Don’t hand over America’s wealth to the money traders! Scribble your sentiments on the back of whatever poster-board is lying around your office and meet at TEJON & COLORADO from 4:30-5:30PM. Bring determination to tell them NO! (You can RSVP with TrueMajority.)

Some poster suggestions from ML:

Eat the Rich
Eat the Oligarchs
Eat the Plutocracy
No Corporate Welfare
Socialism for the Rich
Bailout is a Sellout
Fight them on Wall Street so we don’t have to fight them on Main Street
Scrape the GOP off the Treasury
No welfare surge for the rich
Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?
Let the Banks Burn
Jail (arrest) Paulson
Give bankers bail-not Bailout
Rescue Main Street not Wall Street
Private Debt=Private Liability
$1 Trillion Bailout = 20% Inflation
No cash for crooks!
Don’t blame me- I voted for Kucinich
Leverage This
Bailout: The Audacity of DOPES
No Cash for Trash
You Broke it- You Bought It

2 thoughts on “JUST SAY NO to the WS Bailout Bandits

  1. Why I am for this protest in spirit, Eric, you are just spinning your own wheels here and going nowhere. People need not just pure rage but some intelligent organization. and this is certainly not the way to do it.

    All you do is just get angry when that is pointed out though, so I ask you, why do you want to play the Lone Ranger so much? The Plaza of the Rockies Bldg is just not where it’s at, and certainly not with your go-it-alone approach. The power of positive thinking and throwing raw unthought out energy is not what is needed right now.

  2. Let’s contact some other organizations and see if they want to get something going around these issues?

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