Test your candidate on civil liberties

Tonight, instead of hearing a Wal-mart exec explain how Saving People Money Helps Everyone On Earth Live Better TM, stop by another CC venue to see the ACLU Winter Forum. The event in Slocum Commons is scheduled to be a candidate forum where regional representatives of the presidential candidates will respond to ACLU concerns about the abuse of power by the office of the executive. A good idea, on paper.

THE ISSUES BEING: Congressional Suspension of Habeas Corpus for Detainees, Indefinite Detention Without Arrest, Trial, Legal Representation or Judicial Forum, Surveillance of Domestic U.S. Citizens, Rendition, Torture, Abuse of Executive Power, i.e. Separation of Powers, Signing Statements, etc, The Patriot Act, and more.

I’m not sure whether the representatives would be able to get beyond how they think their bosses would respond. It’s hard to imagine each will not agree that all American Civil Liberties must be protected, keeping our security in mind, yada yada yada; as opposed to salivating openly at the chance to get into power and abuse every executive advantage like your predecessors.

The only hope I see for a discussion is for a Green Party spokesman for Cynthia McKinney to clarify what the corporate candidates have already revealed about themselves based on their actions and affiliations.

And now of course with Ralph Nader stepping in to mix things up, there’s the chance to hear what an independent might lend by way of outrage. Have the McKinney and Nader camps been invited?

2 thoughts on “Test your candidate on civil liberties

  1. What a complete and total waste of time. I’d rather hear from the candidates’ maids–they are the ones who really know whether the candidate is likely to abuse power. (All of my maids over the years have loved me, just so ya know).

    I think I’ll go to the Wal-mart thing, simply because it’s an even bigger crock of shit. I’ll bring a barf bag and make exaggerated retching noises every time the Executive tells me how much he’s enhanced my life. Should be fun.

  2. How funny, Marie! I swear I had not read your comment posted here before walking out of the WalMart lovefest sponsored by the Eco-whored-nomics Dept. at conservative ol’ CC. I walked out after interrupting the bullshit of the spokeswhore of Walmart with the words,

    ‘ Walmart is sucking people dry for the Walton billionaires’ and ‘This is a crock of shit’ .

    It really is to much to waste one’s precious time on this planet Earth with passively listening to paid salaried assholes preaching that the Walton billionaires are saviors of the poor and the planet’s ecology. Some ‘free speech’ that!

    I had just come from the ACLU forum that itself was a crock of shit, with speakers talking from behind a huge American flag draped on the front of the podium. Oh Brother, these dumb liberals sure do suck!

    And like at the ACLU hug fest with slimeball Police Chief, ‘Liars’ Myers of the CSPD, all the questions were to be vetted by the ACLU guru honchos sponsoring the forum. Can’t let too much free speech spoil the ACLU acting so super damn responsible all the frigging time, can we? That forum was worth all of about ZERO fucking time, but unfortunately I blew 15 minutes there instead.

    Stop wasting your personal time listening passively to these crap artists, whether paid by WalMart, are just plain liberal brainwashed by Church. Really…. It all makes one want to puke when this pretense is what gets passed off as discussion and news forums.

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