The ‘Clash of Civilizations’ isn’t real except to DP Joe

Today, I got a chance to listen in on as a local proponent of ‘the clash of civilizations‘ theory spouted his religious like beliefs. He wasn’t talking about how Christian America has to stop ‘Islamic fascism’. No, Joe was talking about the Democratic Party, and how its supposedly epic clash with Republican idiocy was the end all and be all issue in America.

Like all these true believers in the ‘clash of civilizations’, Joe is totally convinced that he is defending the true values of civilization from total barbarians. Substitute Republicans for Muslims, and one can get a true idea of how important this self view is to Democratic Joe as he apes the Republicans he despises so. He is a real player in the world of politics, and those who do not understand this ‘clash of civilizations’ are considered by him to be mere anarchists.

You see, anarchists reject the need to have the true organization needed by the defenders of civilization to defend themselves from the Republican barbarians, which is a ‘revitalized Democratic Party’. Anarchists are ignorant enablers to the conservatized defenders of ‘liberalism’ like Joe, just like liberals are ignorant enablers of ‘Islamic fascism’ to crazy Right Winged Christians like Pat Robertson, or Mitt Romney.

Listening to Joe is a little like listening to Glenn Beck talking about Muslims when Joe gets going about the nefarious Republicans and how we need to get the Democratic Party into fighting form to cut them bastards down to size! Joe sees himself as the only and most knowledgeable knight in the fight to defend civilization. The clash of civilizations is as real to Joe as it is to Samuel P. Huntington. In fact, it defines his total view of the universe.

Liberal Joe is a conservative, you see. He will always be fighting to make a corporate party the people’s party…. in order to fight against the corporate party… The Republicans. Now isn’t that weird?

Liberal Joe is a defender of civilization from the barbarian influence. He is all that stands between liberty and the backwardness of Republican retards and degenerates running our country. Liberal Joe is IT. He is all THAT. Liberal Joe is a Democrat Party hag till the day he dies, even if the DP is actually more like the Republican Party than anything else. That doesn’t register with Democratic Party Joe though.

Joe is a religious fanatic even as he spouts his secularist credentials. Democratic Party Joe is a true believer. Democratic Party Joe is faithful to the end because his religious belief defines his self view.

3 thoughts on “The ‘Clash of Civilizations’ isn’t real except to DP Joe

  1. Except, of course, a vote for McCain, the newly annointed replacement for Bush, would set in stone a revolutionary course.

    we wouldn’t have any choice or any chance. He could literally stand up on Jan 20 and say “I, John McCain, do hereby abdicate in favor of our new President-For-Life Richard Cheney!” and there would be bugger-all we could do about it through any kind of action, short of a massive Bastille Day.

    The Supreme Court stop him? It is to laugh… except the concept would make a hyena sit in a corner and weep.

    And a Military Coup, would lead to a military dictator who would be no better.
    You want to see what life will be like under a military rule just go on Ft Carson sometime.

    A grass-roots mutiny by the soldiers would be strongly probable, EXCEPT, the Military Presence isn’t present IN America. They’re in Iraq.

    The Contractors have already declared their fealty. Blackwater with their complete disregard for the oaths they once swore as soldiers, “To Uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies” except, now, they believe that the constitution is Passè et mort. Dead and gone. They have sold all their morals, all their soul, all their loyalty to their Lord Cheney.

    Senator Sell-us-out with his complete disregard for a similar oath…

    I can see where trusting the DP wouldn’t be more than any other kind of foolish blind trust in institutions.

    It would be like asking the cops nicely not to institute a Police State.

    But if our votes against the Regime serve nothing more than putting the Regime on notice, so be it.

    If they can taste the fear in their mouths 1-20-2009, that works for the people.

    Maybe I’m wrong, and the Revolution won’t be as bloody and desperate as they usually are.

    I hope so, but, damn I sure wish it would come another day.. another lifetime perhaps.

    Ah, well, perhaps the times really do make us, rather than us making the times.

    Once again, meet you at the barricades.

  2. Well, one still has the option of writing in a candidate. Now, wouldn’t such a campaign confuse the hell out of the Authoritarians, who thought they’d already settled who they were going to tell us to vote for?

  3. It would be like in the close election of 2000, when a vote for Mickey Mouse would literally be counted as a vote for Bush.

    Only one thing gives me any hope in this cycle, no matter who we elect as Democrats would be so surrounded by enemies he or she would be desperately beholden to his or her constituents.

    Knowing that they too could be ousted in a heartbeat.

    McCain we know what exactly he has pledged to do.

    maintain the Reagan/Bush/Bush Jr legacy.

    Strongest argument I can think of against the Spanish proverb “Mayor el Diablo conocido que el Santo quien nadie conozca”

    The saint, if such he is, we don’t know much about.

    The proverb would have us cling to something we know is evil rather than take a step into the Unknown Quantity.

    Were I to believe in the Second Sight (some of my relatives swear by it) I would be really depressed, because there’s such a cloud over the near future and in the next couple of years, nothing…

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