The pitiful spectacle of lemming liberals offering advice to Barack

lemming-aid-05-1web.jpg The lemming liberals are out in full force in this season, offering their profound advice everywhere to the Democratic Party and it’s candidate. All of them concerned that without their priceless counsellings, that the Democratic Party might, just might, YES, just might lose the presidential elections once again. Horrors!

Read the titles to their wailings…

‘It’s Time for Obama to Get Tough’ from the aptly named Huffington Post and ‘Can Obama Turn the Democratic Party Upside Down with the Biggest Voter Mobilization Drive in History?’ which pretends to be a question, but is actually offering counseling.

Or how about ‘ Barackis Dukakis?’ where Professor Green pleads with Obama not to behave like Michael Dukakis? We also have Chief Democratic Party Counselor Norman Solomon offering more policy advice in his ‘Democratic Platform Option: Guaranteed Health Care for All’. Dream on, Stormin’ Norman! You need that health care for sure.

And of course, The Nation Magazine is the grand pleader with the corporate big shots here with their Open Letter to Barack Obama, where ‘Progressive supporters of Barack Obama urge him to stand firm on the principles he articulated in the primary’. What a pile of nonsense! Obama has shown no principles other than wanting to get himself chosen as Supreme Decider for corporate America and its government. Why are these folk ‘Progressive supporters’ of this clown? Howard Zinn, shame on you! Studs? You too?

What will all this pleading come to? How does it look to the ordinary person when they see intellectuals, who should know better, down on their knees ignoring all their own education and grovelling as they do? It is a pitiful spectacle.

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