The Vampire

Thousands protest in Gaza against ‘vampire’ Bush … Say what you will about Hamas, but they certainly are spot on about Bush. Bush is a vampire, a blood sucking criminal, and a total phony with his call for Palestinians to capitulate to Jewish Israel’s ethnic cleansing.

He has no ‘peace plan’, but only more calls to warfare and bloodshed. Shame on the Europeans, Canadians, Kiwis, and Australians for tagging along with this jerk…. this vampire. Vampire Bush.

2 thoughts on “The Vampire

  1. Tony,

    Taking the side of murders of children & women. Sad,
    please open your eyes and look at Hamas. You really
    truely think they are better the Pres Bush? Wow, you
    are luck to live here where you are protected by the
    very military you hate. Go talk bad about the Hamas and
    zoom you would be history. History, do read Russian>
    see you,


  2. I find it rather funny (in a sad sort of way) for somebody who supports George Bush’s Iraq and Afghanistan Occupations to be accusing me of siding with the murders of women and children, George. The US military that you are/were a part of through so many long years has murdered far more women and children than Hamas has or ever will. And yet your participation in such a government organization designed to commit mass murder seems to be the maximum moment for you in your life… How do you look yourself in the mirror?

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