Oprah’s doc busted!

Sometimes US fantasy world just gets too funny and it’s worthy for a good laugh. Such is the case with Doctor Who… I mean ‘Doctor Phil’ and his intervention to supposedly save Britney Spears from herself.

He showed up at her hotel room after she got the word of the judge ruling against her and that she was subsequently losing custody of her kids to her ex! I guess this dimwit thought he was there to perform an exorcism, or some Catholic ritual of that sort?

Who knows, but this brilliant pontiff on all matters psych seems to need a psych GPS device himself to stay out of hysterically funny situations. Oprah’s doc is now busted by Britney’s mom in fact! Truth is funnier than soap opera it seems…

Next you know, ‘Phil’ will be intervening to save the Bush administration from itself! Imagine if he had shown up at the hotel after Dick Cheney had plugged his friend down in South Texas? Now that would have been rich!

Oopsssss….! There is breaking news on the Spanish language channels… Britney Spears has retreated to Rosarito, Mexico 25 miles or so south of Tijuana for ‘vacation’! What a great choice! The Mexican federal government just flew in troops to take the police over ther because they were being run by narcotic traffickers! How restful it will be for her there amongst the festivities then!

Maybe she can do some charity work or something until she gets herself back together? Either way, at least she will be safe from Dr. Phil.

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