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US Made War Zone – Ciudad Juarez

There is a recently made video that examines in a very balanced manner, the Mexican elections as seen from the viewpoint of the people living in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua- US made war zone. It is very informative and well worth the time watching this 20min film… THE FEMALE JOURNALISTS OF JUAREZ. One has to ask why is it that the US can run this ‘drug war’ inside Mexico from right out here in NORTHCOM command center, Colorado Springs, and nobody in Colorado Springs knows anything about it? Why? And where are our tough, hard hitting local journalists from The Gazette and The Independent? They’re both missing the big story. In fact, they have utterly failed to keep us Colorado citizens informed.

Mexico’s PRI-PAN corporate dictatorship’s 3 Ring Circus

Twelve years ago the US and PRI one party state in Mexico pretended to end dictatorship by allowing the Vicente Fox and the PAN to enter into Los Pinos (the Mexican White House). What is the legacy for PAN after 12 years in dictatorial office, backed by the worldwide corporate media, US government and business Establishment, and the Pentagon run, Mexican military?

‘(2012) It’s a sad day for Mexico when the PAN can get away with marketing itself as a “progressive” choice, simply because 1) its candidate is a woman and 2) it isn’t the PRI. Merely accelerating the neoliberal reforms imposed by the old dictatorship in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the party has also used the pretext of the “war on drugs” to militarize the country beyond recognition, with a phenomenal surge in gang violence and abuses by security forces.’

People hate the PAN and hate the PRI but cannot see any alternative to these thugs that can actually take power away from the US backed Mexican dictatorship. Only a couple of weeks left before the elections, and no viable choice for real change seems offered to the impoverished population. What will Mexicans do in the next couple of weeks? Under the direction of the US NORTHCOM Command center at Peterson Air Force base, the county is being turned by the US military into a slaughterhouse, all under the pretense of fighting drug trafficking. The real objective of the US government though, is to remain firmly in control over the entire Latin America region, by increasing he militarization of the Americas.

See The Gloss Comes Off the PRI The Mexican Dinosaur for more of Paul Imison’s Mexican election reporting.

Mexico set to ditch the political party (PAN) most identified with carrying out the bloody US war on drugs

The Made-in-the-US, so called Mexican drug war has led to the deaths of over 60,000 in recent years and Mexicans are fed up with the increasing national insecurity arising from this war. As a result, the country is set to return the old PRI ‘dinosaurs’ back into Los Pinos, which is the Mexican White House come July this year. It is selection time Mexico style, and the PRI presidential candidate now has an insurmountable double digit lead according to all polls. The man to beat As the presidential campaign officially begins, time is running out to catch up with Enrique Peña Nieto.

Thanks to the US and Mexican business communities, Mexico has now successfully established a ‘2 party system’ there, where two corporate based political parties pretend to the public to be in perpetual opposition, yet ally themselves to smother out any possible uprising from the Left via a third party of the People. The model for this, of course, is the DP-RP game played against us in the US.

What is little known about the drug war battles inside Mexico, is that the direction for the Mexican government’s strategy actually comes by way of the US’s Pentagon, or more specifically, it comes from right here in Colorado Springs at Peterson Air Force Base! That’s where the US run military command center of North America (NORTHCOM) is head quartered.

Don’t want ‘illegal aliens from Mexico inside ‘your’ USA? Then take your complaints to Peterson and the Pentagon. We’re in Mexico, therefore Mexico will be somewhat inside the US as well. You helped bloody Mexico by your ‘support for the soldiers’ …then perhaps you owe some impoverished Mexican nationals at least a job???

Colorado College closes doors on public lecture about Northcom, NORAD & the War on Drugs against Mexican people

COLORADO COLLEGE- Today’s presentation by Brigadier General Daniel Hokanson, on the role of NORAD and NORTHCOM in the War on Drugs on the US-Mexico border was abruptly closed to the public, for reasons not made clear to community members who might have appeared to offer a critical reception. Was it something we said, or didn’t get to say, except through our signs held outside Worner Center? What’s wrong with NORTHCOM & PENTAGON OUT OF COLOMBIA & MEXICO? Who can argue with this arithmetic: CRIMINALIZED + MILITARIZED DRUG WAR = DEATH & TYRANNY? Although I suppose neolibs would deny DRUG WAR IS U.S. EXCUSE TO SUPPRESS REBELLION. Popular with students was: WAR ON DRUG IS AS BOGUS AS WAR ON POVERTY. We’d compare it to the so-called Global War on Terror, but at a neoliberal institution like CC, who knows how that would be interpreted. If I’d been able to ask any question at all, it would have been to the Political Science Department. Why hadn’t they invited a second speaker to offer a corresponding critique of US Latin American policy? Turnout for the talk was sparse, and the sponsoring faculty member expressed his bemusement at our diligence to protest what he thought had been scheduled under the radar. So we beat NORAD at its own game.

‘Vigilant Shield ’09’? More like just scary and crazy…

putinPurely by coincidence, my daughter and I were out walking on a rather warm Colorado Springs night with our ‘PEACE” dog, Harriet. Little did we know???? As we walked under the stars Wednesday night, my daughter asked me what bright star was that high above Cheyenne Mountain? And I looked….

…and we looked… and we looked.

‘Heck, that’s no star at all’, I said. ‘but what is it?’

And the more we looked, the more we noticed that it was too bright to be either a star or a planet. And then we noticed another more faint light, kind of red light. Then we noticed that there was many more than just one or two unusual lights up there! And they were moving slow and creepy like!

‘What is this?, asked my daughter with increasing anger. I, having grown extremely accustomed to much military nonsense when she was several years younger watching the Navy pilot training play center over Corpus Christi Bay, plus many other similar glimpses at the over militarization of our country, I really did not get to emotional this night at the “Boys with Toys’, but my daughter kept getting angrier and angrier as she became aware that the entire sky seemed taken over by their UFOs. She was hardly calmed down by me mentioning that these flights by the UFOS seemed to slowly criss cross between Cheyenne Mountain, Peterson Air Force Base, and the Air Force Academy. What was going on?!!!! she wanted to know?

I told her that I had no idea what this was all about. However, today I have now learned that it was some sort of bullshit nuclear game role playing called ‘Vigilant Shield ’09’ kickoff from the NORAD bunker here in our fair city. In the olden days of my youth, I would have fallen to my knees, placed my hands behind my head, and stayed close to the floor. I guess the training for this has gotten rather cold now post former Soviet Union times and I did not even inform my daughter how to best protect herself from a nuclear bomb ala ’50s Red Scare days.

‘Cover Up, Honey! You don’t want to get radioactive or pulverized into vapor!’

Here is a good question? What Is NORTHCOM Up To? Let’s follow that by What is Braxton Technologies up to?

I don’t really feel much safer with this going on, and in fact it makes me think maybe Southern Argentina might be a safer place to live than Colorado Springs, which will be Ground Central for a Nuclear Holocaust? Do you feel safer now that Braxton Technologies and others like them are out there making a killing? If you do, then I’d like to know WHY? These fools seem to think that they actually can ‘win’ a nuclear war! More than just a bit scary… Our neighbors here in Colorado Springs are just plain scary and crazy both. 601st Air and Space Operations Center