Welcome to the Kleptocracy!

“Lowest Common Denominator” media hits rock bottom. NBC Today Show host introduced Robert F. Kennedy Jr, by asking him “how’s your dad?

Cindy Sheehan to launch new national political party after November election.

Will Sarah Palin be indicted for tax fraud? She should be. [more]

Is McCain the 21st Century Hitler? Yes. Yes, he is.

It is now officially impossible to see any distinction between the US military and the German Nazi Army.

Government report: data mining does NOT work. Not that the fascists have ever let reality get in their way.

Hurricane Bush doing to the US world economy what Katrina did to New Orleans.

Bush administration published plan to suspend Constitution — not just before 9/11 — but the day before the inaguration.

New Office Pool: On what day will president Bush cancel the November election?

Excerpts from Thomas McCullock’s Oct 7 notes, thomasmc.com.

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