These meds are dangerous to your child’s health; So why haven’t they been removed from pharmacy shelves?

TylenolIt’s a multiple billion dollar industry with dangerous ingredients in them, but they haven’t been removed from America’s pharmacies shelves at all. Actually these meds are there now everywhere, including convenience stores, grocery stores, and dollar stores. There are constant ads for them on television counselling parents to buy them for their babies and kids to ingest. Find them on coupons, in magazines, anywhere you might look.

Parents misuse these ‘medicines’ thinking that they are safe to get their small kids asleep. It is a kind of toxic baby sitter for many less aware mothers and dads. I am talking about ‘Children’s Tylenol’ and like formulations. How many parents angrily must have these products prescribed, given, and even forced on their children, all the while thinking that it is malpractice if they are not?

It is a step in the right direction to now have a ‘warning’ given about their dangers given out by at least one organization, but where is the Federal government here? They have sat quiet for decades upon decades as the evidence of how dangerous acetaminophen, pseudophed, and anti-histamines can be for kids. The worst danger of them all is acetaminophen (Tylenol) the supposedly safer ‘alternative’, or so spouts the advertising by Tylenol (McNEIL-PPC, Inc).

Drug companies: No cold meds for kids under 4
New voluntary warning labels caution against use by young children

They might finally get pulled off a few shelves thanks to some American pediatricians finally doing the right thing. Unfortunately, without a bigger campaign against their use, parents may actually use the same meds in adult form (or otherwise) on their kids? These medications need to be lobbied against and not lobbied for.

Don’t do it! Don’t do it even in smaller, more dilute doses! Don’t give these unnecessary and at times directly harmful medications to your small children. And just get rid of these meds altogether if there is any chance that somebody might try to commit suicide in your household. Tylenol can mess you over (yes! adults and teenagers alike, let alone children) quick if even a few too many are actually swallowed.

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