What is… illegal immigration

Game show question… ’17 Wee’ gurz is?’
Answer- ‘What is US illegal immigration promoted by Republican and Democratic Party politicians alike.’ Judge: Let Chinese Muslims in Gitmo into U.S.

That’s right! Isn’t the Guantanamo concentration camp something that both unconscionable groups fully supported running? Didn’t they support that use of US torture on Pentagon held POWs, illegal detention of them, and what can only be called ultimately illegal immigration of them into this cursed land called America?

The all powerful America, a country which trots itself around the world waving its own flag, wrecking other people’s countries, and then tries to build a wall up to keep its victims out of the US itself. It’s the Department of Pompous, Self Serving Security in Homeland Stupidity.

Let these 17 Chinese citizens in! Maybe they can help educate Americans on why they are hated so?

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