When imperialists talk to sheep of ‘Self Determination’

sheep at election“Nor does it change the right to self- determination fundamental to our relationship with all of our Overseas Territories” -Gillian Merron, British Foreign Minister, on behalf of British Labor Party Prime Minister. Govt agrees new constitution for Falklands

Baah, baah, baah…. You see, there are close to 600,000 sheep on these some 778 islands off the coast of Argentina called Las Malvinas. And less than 3,000 people there, most of them connected to the British military in some way or another (like with the sheepherders’ importation there to help justify British colonial occupation of these foreign islands).

Sweet Gillian blathers on about ‘self determination’ which has become code word these days, for colonialist imperialist control over other peoples affairs. And she does it out of the same breath while talking about ‘Overseas Territory’… CUTE! You have to admire such clever abilities at double talk like this!

Now that Barack Obama is in in the US White House look for the US government to probably be borrowing more of this rather pathetic vocabulary from the degenerative British Labor Poli-class, that Prime Minster Gordon Brown and his team use. ‘Humanitarian’ imperialism is back in style once again! Oh, Whoopee!!! (Do sheep eat carrots like donkeys, I wonder?)

(PS …couldn’t find a sheep picture from the land where sheep outnumber people 20,000 to 1, and not just 3-1 like the words say on the pic…. Sorry. But sheep are sheep in whatever numbers. Baaa…..)

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