Who can bash Iran the hardest?

The Pennsylvania Primary was illustrative about the poor character (Yes, the Republicans always said it was about character) of the 2 Democratic Party contenders. (Hey what happened to the other ever so determined DP wannabes? Where did they go?) At any rate, what the nation was left with was watching Hillary out-bashing Iran over Obama. Obama bashed Iran, too, though. Don’t ever think that he didn’t.

So what is the lesson here for the dopey liberal Democratic Party voters? Did they learn anything at all here? Nah…. They never learn a damn thing. Even mice in a maze have more wits about them than Democratic Party voters do. It’s an insult even to the donkey to be connected with these people.

The lesson for the world is, that all the Democrats respond to the pressures of the American corporate ruling class, and not to the dumb voters. And the lesson was that both corporate parties still want more war in the Middle East.

1 thought on “Who can bash Iran the hardest?

  1. Yo Tony,
    Agree about the DP. Come join a real progressive party
    the Rep Party.

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