Hey, Hey, USA, how many kids did you kill today?

I have this sign that I pull out at times when we have our little protests, and it always seems to cause consternation among some ‘Peace’ people! Their faces get all grim and often times they ask me to put it away. Who are these people that feel this way? Are they really for peace, or are they really merely just trying to love up to the Patriot Missile crowd? Personally, I think they just have a plain bad attitude.

Here is what bothers these people about the question, ‘Hey, Hey, USA, how many kids did you kill today?’ They don’t want not to be seen as national patriots. They are the types that come out to every vigil when we cross a 1,000 more US troops dead, but only manage to throw in the most meager note of concern for ‘the others’. They want to reform America, not change it.

Now you and I know that America tortures people and has done so for the longest time. But the largest liberal site, Common Dreams, has just come out with a bumpersticker message that states… My America Does Not Torture… …Just who do they think they are actually kidding?!!!!!

‘Hey, Hey, USA, how many parents of kids have you tortured today?’ And ‘How many kids have you allowed to starve to death?’

I don’t really like this milk toast attitude of these supposedly on the same side ‘Peace’ people, the ones that criticize my sign. I go to the J$P, and you can see these people dominate there. The front message on the web site there isis about something they call a ‘peace camp’, which is kind of a vacation Bible school set up by them for kids. Yeah, like for about 2 or 3 kids, maybe?

You people, why don’t you send these ‘Peace’ kids of yours instead to Haiti or Yemen, Bangladesh or Nigeria this summer? Don’ you think that they would learn a tad bit more than you preaching to them about the supposed wisdom of Gandhi here in Colorado, with your ‘scholarships’ and all?

I really don’t have much in common dreams with these folk beyond that they occasionally and rarely will come out of their closets in public, and actually say that they are against the Iraq War. Beyond that, most of them are rather hopeless. Good people and all, but watch their tempers if you cross them!

Hey, hey, J$P, how many kids will your government kill today while summer ‘peace camp’ was in progression? A few, I do believe…..

17 thoughts on “Hey, Hey, USA, how many kids did you kill today?

  1. How can you call yourself American with a sign that says “Hey, Hey, USA, how many kids did you kill today?” get the fuck out of my country.

  2. you don’t own the country.

    And if everybody who disagreed with YOU had to leave, then what?

    OUR country would be left to the tender mercies of totalitarian freaks like YOU.

    You don’t like that, too damn bad.

    You want to live in a dictatorship, YOU can leave. There are plenty of Dictatorships in the world, more than half propped up by “our” president and his party.

    You don’t like the fact that people mention that KIDS get killed in your coward little president’s wars of conquest, too bad…

    I’ll cut and paste that sentence and take out a couple of words, m’kay?

    Or even if it isn’t Okay with you, I’ll do it.

    I don’t like the fact that KIDS get killed in your coward little president’s wars of conquest… and, yeah, every American including me, is going to be blamed for it by the parents or friends or relatives of those kids.

    And, I’m going to do my level best to stop you and your coward little dictator from Killing more KIDS

  3. I rather like the idea of getting the fuck out of you don’t know me‘s country.

    The Coward Dictator has seen to it that we no longer have freedom or privacy (btw, we may not know you YDKM — thank the lord — but the Department of Homeland Security most definitely does, so watch your sweet self), that our Constitution is no more useful than toilet paper and, despite the illegal wars and loss of personal liberty, people of YDKM’s intellectual caliber are calling for more of the same.

    This country is most definitely HIS. I am merely an unwelcome guest, hiding in the bathroom, planning my exit strategy.

  4. You don’t know me, unfortunately I do. You are one of the stupids that surround us everywhere in this country and make living here so damn unbearable. There sure are a lot of you, too.

    However, Stupid, this still is not your country. It is the country of the Rockefeller’s, Duponts, and Walton’s. Got it now, Stupid? You got no country, either, just like the guy you want to run out of town…Me. Are you too stupid to figure that out yet? Probably. That’s the reason I feel sorry for you.

  5. ydkm, assuming you have some dignity, some decency, some courage…

    instead of being one of those who, in the security of their SUVs passing by at high speed, and/or surrounded by 5 or 6 of your like-minded comrades… you know the ones, Artificial Courage.

    Your president initiated the action in Iraq.

    Not Saddam Hussein, Not Osama bin Hidin’, George Walker Bush STARTED the war.

    He started it with outright blatant lies.

    His political adviser, his own version of Josef “the Toad” Goebbels, Karl Rove, took a position with another branch of the government, in the Ministry of Propaganda, and one of his first OpEd writings in that capacity was to blame the Congress and particularly the Democrats for the “rush to war”, ignoring the feverish campaigning done by Mr Bush and Mr Roves fellow Toads in the party to deceive, cajole, threaten and even, most probably, commit an act of terrorism against those senators who did not fall in with his screeching strident demands to attack the nation of Iraq. (Anthrax attack against congressmen)

    They are also saying that they believed fully that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. But now they’re shifting the blame and saying that they were deceived, that they were given faulty intelligence… but leaving out the fact that they denounced any expert testimony and any intelligence that contradicted their claim, as being “unresponsible”.

    This includes the extremely rightwing Strategic Forecasting (stratfor.com) who predicted nearly 6 years ago the exact nature of the mess we now have on our hands.

    Very accurately, too, with the only major glitch in their predictive accuracy being they predicted that the oil leases would be signed over much sooner.

    And US Marine Corps Colonel Scott Ritter. Have you told Scott Ritter to “get the fuck out of your country” yet?

    I don’t think you did. Or if so you didn’t do it where he could hear you.

    They had the good intelligence, they had the overwhelming evidence that their case against the people of Iraq was false, but they went ahead and launched hostilities.

    Here is some OTHER evidence, ydkm, that they most certainly DID have…

    In any attack anywhere in the world, civilians will die.

    A frightfully large percentage of these civilians WILL be CHILDREN.

    Mr Bush, knowing that his war is based on LIES and knowing that CHILDREN WILL be KILLED in his war, still pursues his course of madness.

    He is, in fact, a Baby Killer. Anybody who is capable of human speech yet continues to support him and his Baby Killing campaign, is equally guilty of every murder of every child who has died as a result of the hostilities initiated By Mr Bush.

    The chant Tony has written on a sign is merely a condensation of this explanation, aimed at people who are incapable of reading or understanding words of more than two syllables.

    You know, stupid shit like “My country, right or wrong” or “love it or leave it” or “Get the fuck out of my country”.

    Something that can be easily shouted out the passenger window of Somebody Elses Car, or quickly typed on a web site.

    YDKM, I don’t know you personally, but I feel perfectly safe knowing that you, personally, have declared yourself the Enemy.

    Because you personally will not have the physical courage to confront, much less assault, me to my face.

  6. Hmmmm, how can we call ourselves Americans? That is so cliche Mr. You Don’t Know Me, can’t you come up with a better retort, maybe something laced with a few facts or at least a little bit of pathos. The truth is that American and Western economic policies cause the starvation of tens of thousands of people PER DAY.

    Do you think that you are a real American because you blindly follow the economic policy whims of your leaders? You live in a country created by REVOLUTIONARIES. You benefit from a Constitution created by people who REVOLTED against their mother country’s fascistic economic policies. The American Revolution was about economic fascism, the always nefarious alliance between corporations and government, and here we are again, facing the ever-increasing fascism of a corporate-military elite who decide when and with whom we go to war, a corporate-military elite who decides who in America gets health care and who gets a good education. Personally, I think that we are too far gone, the Pentagon is too powerful and its co-optation by corporate whores and idealogues is too far gone for salvation to be possible. The fast-increasing $9 trillion debt will decide more about how Americans are to live in the coming decades than any other economic policy. So, YDKM, when the economic chickens come home to roost, and the interest payments on that debt approach 40% of our total budget causing our foreign lenders to recall their debts to us thereby driving America into bankruptcy and jack-booted fascism, we’ll wave to you from distant socialist shores and wish you luck in feeding your family.

  7. Wave at you from distant socialist shores will be a
    wonderful day MS SwissMissTress. When the booted
    true Americans come forward WILL be the new American
    rebirth. So please do go away. Goof up other lands and
    let American be great again. It has the people, mimus you
    Commie socialist fools, of course. Where honor is not just
    a word but a way of life. Where ALL live together, not under
    a Party ruler & that group. Oh this saying”ha ha USA” comes
    from the 60’s, not a new chant. The social/commies pucked
    this out with their so called “anti war” marches. Another
    joke & commie lie of course. By the way MS SwissMissTress,
    when you get to those socialist shores you will see most of
    those there are trying to come to the good old USA. Ever
    wonder why. ‘Cause it sucks under the commie ruel, dear.
    Hope this truth did not upset anyone. I tend to get censored
    when I tell the truth. Sorry if I hurt anyone feelings or used
    words that upset the poor socialist commies.
    your favoright, neocon, retired combat vet,

  8. George,
    I have to say I’ve lost patience with your trying to recast Vietnam as duty you want to feel proud of. I understand you may be dogging war-critics to prop up your conscience about what you did in Vietnam. My vet friends insinuate you probably had a desk job, but I don’t think the pencil-pushers bear any less responsibility for the baby-killing and wanton slaughter.

    Forty years later you’re just spewing your anti-social “patriotism” stateside, frustrated that everyone who disagrees with you is not a small Vietnamese you can rape. When your shadow next darkens my path, I’ll cut your pitiable bed-wetting shtick to the quick. Take your cry for help to the VA where they can counsel you against swinging your crutch against honest Americans. I neither enlisted, nor volunteered to take crap from atrocity perp-casualties like you.

    I’ve watched you address well-intended patriots, who were trying to help you, and made them cry with your brutal soldier-bred hate-speak. Thank you for your service, now go get help.

  9. Hey, I hadn’t read that part yet. Thanks, Eric.

    Major, my landlady needs help. She’s a War Widow. Her husband died of Agent Orange, something the Air Force got around to admitting just before he died.

    See, her husband was killed by VietNam every bit as much as if some Charlie had popped a bullet in his head in the rice paddies.

    She’s eligible for CHAMP-VA, and needs it desperately. The lack of “socialist” health care in America wasn’t just Aggravated by our many wars, they’re a direct cause of the crisis.

    Problem is, she can’t get to the Air Academy, due to her health and the very limited public transportation, to get her ID card.

    She has the paperwork, eh? She took it out to Pete Field last year about the middle of June. You know something really wierd about it? The guards at the gate and the police on base weren’t Air Force SPs, they were contractors. I suspect Blackwater.

    They were threatening to arrest her for daring to follow the instructions given her by the VA to get her ID card and get her CHAMP-VA going.

    Now, if somebody who has a car and a Base Sticker, you know the one, were to escort her to the admin building at any of the bases around (AFA has been briefed by the VA about her situation and the Admin promised the VA counsellor that they would take care of her once she gets there.) that would help mightily.

    I don’t know that I would trust YOU, personally, but perhaps you know somebody who is, you know, less filled with Hatred and Bitterness and other psychiatric symptoms?

    That would be more helpful.

  10. Dear BJ,
    If what you say it true please have the lady contact the AF at Peterson AFB. Ask to talk to the Swithboard, inform them of her problem & they will in turn give her a number to call to get her ID card etc. If that fails, then do please have her give you a phone number that I may call & discuss action for her. I am retied Army but the VA works for us all. The local VA here in the Springs would be another place for her to call for information. There is folks there that would help her. Once she gets the info do inform Jeff at PPJPC, give him a number I can call. Yep, I have a ID card & will take the day off to give her a ride to Peterson AFT. Nope, as Eric knows, I have no major bitterness or hate. He has met me at meetings at PPJPC. Most folk there know about me. Not too many “psychialtric symptoms”I think.

    Oh Eric, I had the feeling you never were in the service. No surprise there for me. Pass on to your vet pals that I was in the Rangers (airborn) too. 3 full tours too. From 1964 – 66 & 70-71. Hopefully their drugs misuse is over. Sure they were E4/5 level too. So like most socialist + I would say “you were not there, so how can you say anything?” but do. Experts are everywhere. And lets try to discuss things without being lowclass, huh?

    BJ, the security officers at the gate are civilians so the military can go overseas & do their duty. Something so many true-socialist-blue guys don’t do.

    Hope this is helpful,

    your favoright, neocon, combat vet & retired army officer,O4.

  11. It’s not anybody’s Duty to conquer and occupy a nation which never attacked ours.

    It is MY duty to God foremost and to my fellow humans (one and the same, actually) to oppose imperialism and dictatorship. Especially in OUR country.

    Enlisted personnel are not stupid, nor are they any less capable than officers of commanding themselves. That for your insulting attitude toward Sergeants.

    I have been a civilian for the past 29 years. I am not “ex” anything, although I was for a time a member of the Air Force.

    Most of the officers who were placed in command over me were people I would not follow into a whorehouse if they were paying. Far less into danger.

    The “you weren’t there so you can’t criticize” argument is easily translated to “only people who have committed murder can judge whether murder is good or evil”.

    The United States has not fought a truly defensive war since World War 2 and even that is in question.

    As for Miss Johnnie, she is arranging for transport. We have been to the VA, her VA counsellor has arranged for her to pick up her ID at the Air Force Academy.

    I have no duty or obligation to support your president or his wars.

    It is truly sad that somebody who is intelligent would surrender control of his mind to people like Mr Bush.

    You apparently despise people who think for themselves rather than blindly obey orders, or call following orders “duty”.

    Do you feel that it is Weakness of soul or mind to refuse immoral commands?

    I, for one, consider that to be the Greater Moral Courage and, spiritual and mental strength.

  12. The questions, Major, are more than valid. They will not be silenced with the slogans shouted to us by people too fearful to stop and argue by expressing reasonable thoughts.

    Nor by your only slightly better expressed assertions that it is our “duty” to conform and obey, nor by your insults that anybody who questions the orders which you refuse to question, is somehow mentally or morally inferior.

    Major, I cannot stop you from stating such obvious fallacies, but I can, and will, refuse to allow them to go unchallenged.

    There have been many who felt as you do, General Jodl for instance. The young men who threw airplanes at our buildings in New York one warm September morning.

    They didn’t question their orders nor their supposed “duty” either.

    General Eisenhower presided over the hanging of General Jodl.

    Atrocities and terrorism are the same crime whether committed by followers of Hitler, followers of General Franco, followers of Osama bin Laden, or followers of George Bush.

  13. Jonah- you’re on fire! But I’d ask if Bin Laden deserves the ignoble company with whom you associate him? Osama led Afghan freedom fighters against Communist invaders, and even if we believe the 911 doctrine, against Capitalist World Trade oppressors.

  14. Yo BJ,
    Lets set the record. I started out as an E1 and went on up to E7 (ACTING SgtMaj) then OCS (6 years later O4) So I was a NCO for more years than you did service. I know all about dumb Officer. I was in the Army & Texas Guard. So never feel I think enlisted folks are no smart. NCO’s ARE the back bone of any military force – bar none. So please do read this and understand I met (in 27 years service) more dumb Officer than enlisted folk. Never have an “insulting attitude” towards enlisted folk. Clear? I did 2/3 of my time “in the field” traing Turkish & Greek military folk to advisor in Viet nam. So, do try to understand me, been there – done that. I was a trainer mostly.

    Good news about Ms Johnnie. Glad the VA did right. Thank you for helping out a vet (his wife).

    You talk of God. Not sure to go there. Would need more info. What God? Stuff like that. Some folk just can not discuss that subject without going bong. My God expects me to fight evil, where & when it is found. To protect women & children etc. In my heart my hands are NOT bloody. Yes I do support the present war in the middle east. I was station in Turkey 4 times – 3 years, so know a little about the area. For freedom to grow in this area, force is needed. That is what is respected in this area, talk? That is for the weak. By the way Turkey is a good example of what a Moslem nation should & can be. Been there, I know.

    Duty? Yes one is to do his or her duty but NEVER blindly without reason. Sorry if i gave you that impression. Orders are orders IS NOT the reason to just follow them. Lawfull orders, yes but there is a difference. Sorry you feel WWII may have not been a just war. I disagree. Evil must be faced, now or it will grow.

    Silenced! Never, even if I disagree with you and Eric you both have the right to speak up. I urge you to do so. Keeps me on my toes & informed as well. Plus I (you too) PAID for your right as well as Eric to speak out. That I do believe.

    As for the ah atrocities you speak of. To put our current President & military folk in the same boat as Hitle is just – ah what word can I say – silly & sad.

    The soldier, Officer or Enlisted, who does refuse an immoral command, is to me a hero, a soldier of God and should be thanked by all. Plus he or she should – must – stop the unlawful order from being carried out. There is NO excuse for an Officer or Enlisted person can ever use to just stand by. It is his or her DUTY to do the right thing no matter what. But be sure you are correct, then do what God would have you do.

    Keep in mind BJ. I am for the whole race, the human race. If we are ever going to get out of the mud, we have to stop thinking only of ourself. People going hungry, enslaved, being murdered raped etc, we all, you I Eric need to work together to help & not be just another part of the problem. Agree?

    Last item! For your info. I am a diebetic due to agent orange plus have feet problems due to jumping from A/C. Mental wise, like to think I am ok. Different view from you & Eric but health wise ok. But you know the old saying: Everyone is crazy but you and I….. & I am worried about you. (that was a joke, BJ).

    your favoright neocon, retired army combat vet & texicon

  15. You are not a diabetic from being exposed to agent orange at all, George. You are a diabetic because you are chunky and have been eating the typical American diet for years. You do not get enough exercise either.

    This is typical of how vets get special medical benefits that are denied others. Joe Blow civilian who has paid out for years to people like George come down with diabetes and get no health care at all. George, on the other hand, gets this chumpy diagnosis stating that he is a handicapped vet due to agent orange when he comes down with the very same bad diet caused disease.

    And Joe Blow, with diabetes, too, gets to pay to take care of this guy,while George the Chump struts around talking about how supposedly superior he is to Joe! Some hero you are, George!
    George, you are nothing more than a welfare cheat, Dude. A guy that gets to cut in line ahead of others, and gets the benefits while the other guy gets thrown out the office with nothing even though he needs the same medical care as much as you do, or more.

  16. Yo Tony,
    Your kind nature comes out as always. Did not know you were a doctor too. VA, ARMY & Civilian doctors all agree with the agent orange. So maybe you are a doctor – doctor of snake oil, huh? Poor diet, now that is true. I really did not eat good American food with I was in the field with the Turkish & Greek army, their food was a bit different.

    Hero, dude, do you not read my comments. I am not nor ever said i was a Hero. Most military folks are of course. Me just a normal American doing his duty. Oh I paid for my care and still do pay for it each month. It is not given to me free, despite what you say. Over $150 each month, Tony. So no welfare for me. Joe Blow – cant say much about him. Stut…hmmm could be what you call stru around is due to my feet messed up from jumping out of AC in combat. ‘Course a touch of Diebetic nerve damage there too. All that by protecting you from the bad guys. Wow, are I not nice.

  17. This is to the “Major” and the infamous “YDKM”

    YDKM, I notice you haven’t responded to the several well formed, logical arguments against your rabid, brain dead hyperbole. About par for a ‘keyboard warrior’ who would probably have supported Joe McCarthy I suppose. All talk and no balls. You’re the Ugly American in the room, insulting everyone with your entitled arrogance and not even knowing or caring, such is the depth of your abject ignorance and vapid entitlement. It pains me to have to consider such dregs as you as ‘my fellow countrymen’, which is the reason I will be taking your advice and “getting the fuck out” of this dysfunctional cesspool as soon as I can manage it. You’re a boil on the ass of humanity sir, and I do mean that in the most objectionable way your small mind can interpret it.

    As to the Major:

    I find it ironic that you consider yourself to be something of a warrior who battles “evil”, yet when someone above mentioned their allegiance to God and humanity, your answer was “Not sure to go there. Would need more info. What God? Stuff like that”

    A warrior against evil with no clear relationship with God? A valid question would logically follow: in the absence of a studied knowledge of the difference between good and evil, what exactly is your ‘measuring stick’ for evil? I mean, if I were to take it upon myself to be the lethal enforcer of good vs. evil, I would at least owe it to humanity to have studied the difference between them…?

    You claim to have acted in good conscience in all your personal war exploits, and claim that your conscience is clear…no blood on your hands.

    You sir, are at best a delusional fool.

    You have allowed yourself to be used as a pawn in a geopolitical game you obviously do not fully comprehend, and as a part of a merciless war machine that takes human life for the sake of global hegemony.

    The mindless notion that we are in Afghanistan and Iraq “fighting for America’s freedoms” or for the virtues of “Democracy” makes me want to vomit, almost as much as there are people like you in America who are willing to do the bloody mercenary bidding of the global elite and think of themselves as honorable in the bargain.

    The irony is, the pseudo-altruistic delusions of people like you are exploited by people who really don’t care about people like you. Henry Kissinger: Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy” There ya go in a nutshell major.

    They send pack asses like you into battle and subject you to abominations like depleted uranium and agent orange and offer you pittances for your thereafter forever damaged carcass, and that is IF the military will even ADMIT you have a grievance.

    No sir, you had no autonomy of decision making in war, other than who personally to kill or not kill. You were a pawn, a servant, an agent of the intent of the pentagon, the bankers, the mega corporations, big oil, you know….philanthropic organizations like that.

    The “Democracy” you fought for (in case you haven’t been paying attention) is the same one that considers the Constitution a hindrance to “progress”, and passes more and more laws every day that tear another shred away from it’s safeguards against the very people you killed for.

    That’s right. You KILLED FOR the same people that want to destroy the Constitution…the U.S. government…not the PEOPLE of the USA. Your willingness to be part of this destructive force against freedom is your cross to bear, and I hope you one day truly feel the weight of it before the ‘God’ you mistakenly believe charged you with this undeserved responsibility to KILL what you perceived as evil, when you clearly have no notion of what true evil is.

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