Why I’m helping Hugo Chavez

LivingstoneLike Cynthia McKinney standing up and speaking at the protesters rally in Denver during the recent DNC Carnival, Ken Livingstone, former mayor of London, has been courageously political by visiting Caracas, Venezuela. There Kenneth Livingstone took a stand against US aggression in Latin America. Here he explains why? Why I’m helping Hugo

Apparently it is possible to not be a mainstream total political whore in politics like Obama and Biden are, and certainly McCain and Palin are, too. Why don’t liberals demand such of the people they vote for? Until they do change their behavior we will get the type of horrible bipartisan mess the US currently suffers under. We need more real people in politics in the US… people like Ken Livingstone.

That photo above was of Ken Livingstone supporting the London gay community and not him next to Hugo Chavez. Yeah, another courageous stance that Ken took. We need more people who are honest and stand up for what they believe in and that have real character, not phony photo-op stuff. They are in short supply in politics in the US seeing how we only have 2 political parties that both behave about the same.

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