Can Russians do worse than US soldiers?

I’m listening right now to live alarmist coverage of Russia’s occupation of Georgia. Embeds are reporting to analysts about the panicked Georgians, about forced labor, and about marauding Russian soldiers committing atrocities. A cease fire has been signed, and though we don’t hear any gunfire, American leaders and media hounds are blustering about the Russian disproportionate use of force. When did our DoD decide to recognize that war crime?

It’s only been a few days that the Russians have been tasked with restoring order in the belligerent Georgia. They’re making Georgians help clean the streets and they’re destroying the military facilities which the US-advised Georgian forces just used in their attempt to seize South Ossetia. I’m poised to hear Belgian/Kuwait atrocity fabrications as our talking heads try to prompt Americans to “do something.” The Russian move is being likened to Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968, where Americans can have nothing but regret about not having acted to repulse the Soviets.

But we Americans know something about occupations now don’t we? How misbehaved have the Russians been? Are we hearing about Russian Predator Drones zapping unsuspecting civilians? Are we hearing of Russian snipers shooting everything that moves, including toddlers in their back yards? Are we hearing about cars and buses being strafed to a halt at improvised Russian checkpoints? Are Georgian ambulances being shot by helicopters?

2 thoughts on “Can Russians do worse than US soldiers?

  1. Good points Eric,

    The only thing I would add is if the USA would have gone to war with Russia over “Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968, where Americans can have nothing but regret about not having acted to repulse the Soviets.”

    We may not be alive and kicking today if we would have done that. It is Mutually Assured Destruction and it is back on the table now.


  2. Both George and Georgia pissed away any moral high ground by mutually invading, seizing and occupying Iraq, and killing any Iraqis who object to being subjects.

    Republican Heir Apparent John McBush Jr said that “People in the 21st Century don’t just invade Sovereign Nations”.

    He says a lot of other really stupid shit to go along with it.

    I was wondering what exactly was the promise made by George to the Georgians in order to get them to back his seizure of the Iraqi Corporate Entity and all their assets.

    Now we know.

    A promise to jump Russia.

    Only, Georgia, which has been cycling its top Military Officers through Iraq, and they have SEEN with their own beady little eyes, that George Bush’s Leadership has accomplished only a fascinating demonstration that the Mightiest Army on Earth couldn’t even beat down a pipsqueak nation like Iraq, population less than 20 million.

    They have a stack of chips they can’t possibly cash in. Russia has approximately the same size population as the United States, only theirs isn’t quite as inexperienced in the way of having war on their own land as we are.

    a Very Large Non-Pipsqueak nation.

    The press keep prattling about Georgia being a ‘model of Democracy and Freedom” in eastern Europe.

    …and that they’re so Pro-American that they worship George Bush and Karl Rove.

    And, of course, cheerfully joined the Koalition of the Killing and helped INVADE and OCCUPY Iraq.

    Karl Rove and the President of Georgia were in the Ukraine a couple of months ago, Karl Rove was “teaching the Ukrainians Freedom and Democracy”

    Karl Rove teaching Democracy.

    I would be rolling around laughing like a madman if it weren’t for the fact that these Bozoes actually believe that shit.

    They’re as serious as a Thermonuclear Explosion.

    Which, it turns out, happens to be the ONLY sabre George Bush has to rattle.

    The Georgian President is saying that All True Georgians are united and would rather be burned to their component atoms, and beyond, than make peace with the Russians.

    And George Bush is frighteningly close to doing exactly that.

    He’s like any other spoiled rich kid with a fantasy of being a Cowboy… and somebody must have already told him, even though his Adult Handlers tried, like Siddhartas parents, to keep it from him, that everybody in the world thinks he’s a pussy.

    Mostly because he is.

    So mortally insulted, the Cowboy Wannabee is, instead of standing in the backyard pointing an imaginary pair of six-shooters and saying “Bang bang! You’re Dead!”

    Some IDIOTS gave him the button to point Nuclear Missiles at EVERYBODY and the last things we’ll be able to hear is “BOOM BOOM, You’re ALL Dead!”

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