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Just to clear the air about the Terrorist Tea Party…

The notion that you’ve sponsored so few actual armed attacks relative to your numbers isn’t exculpatory, doesn’t mean your TeaBag lunatics aren’t actually commanded or led or suggested to commit such acts… It just means you bozoes have some really … Continue reading

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Oslo bomber was less Christian Jihadist than Dexter, Arrested Development

Another excerpt from Breivik’s dairy, covering the preliminary phases, backdated to 2002: Personal reflections and experiences during several preparation phases April/May 2002 I am the Norwegian delegate to the founding meeting in London, England and ordinated as the 8th Justiciar … Continue reading

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Are you there God? it’s me Anders. The impersonal diary of Oslo Bomber and Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.

So there’s a Mexican vigilante drug ring declared itself a law-keeping fraternity of the Knights Templar, now the Oslo gunman/bomber claims accreditation. The “2083” manifesto which Anders Behring Breivik released through a carefully harvested email list includes a curious diary/progress … Continue reading

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Palestinian refuges denied Oslo camp

OSLO, NORWAY– Pro-Palestine demonstrators who marched on Thursday to demand political asylum found themselves surrounded the next morning and made to dismantle the tents they’d pitched beneath the statue of the subversive, now lauded, Henrik Wergeland.

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Muddy wellies across white canvas

Norway prides itself on its ubiquitous and egalitarian middle class, making of its opera house a celebration of folkstheatre –and it’s no empty boast– Oslo newspapers address eight pages to culture versus one to sport. But I think the architects … Continue reading

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