Binyam Mohamed vs Barack Obama

Barack Obama is keeping available more use of rendition flights like the one used to fly Binyam Mohamed to Morocco to be tortured for the US government and US military. Barack, we thought you were going to change this sort of thing so that it could never happen again? I mean as part of your faith based initiatives and openness and what all? What happened? Torture — What ‘extraordinary renditions’ is like

Barack, you don’t want to turn out to be a moral cretin just like the rest of them, do you? So why don’t you just definitively and without equivocation end these torture flights by the US? Why don’t you free the prisoners abused in this manner? What are you waiting on since you are now the President, are you not?

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2 Responses to Binyam Mohamed vs Barack Obama

  1. Avatar simon says:

    Nobody wants to take these people back so they either live in the USA or you keep the prison open. What do you suggest?

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Simon, playing simple again? Release all those who have been held without any charges filed against them over so many years of them being held.

    In fact, release them all, since it is the US government which illegally went to war and invaded 2 different countries, took them as POWs and then illegally classified these POWs as common criminals. And Simple Simon, how about bringing some charges against those high standing US war criminals that have violated so many international laws over so many years? How about jailing these US scum bags that deliberately invade, occupy, and destroy other peoples’ countries? How about jailing these scum bags that directed that torture be used on POWs illegally taken?

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