American arrogance

nagasaki_bomb-710373.jpg Protests as US warship docks in Nagasaki What incredible arrogance and bad taste! This is your military and government, Americans! Look in the mirror and weep!

6 thoughts on “American arrogance

  1. AvatarBrother Jonah

    Too bad. It won’t be what you’re expecting. Most certainly won’t be what your recruiters tell you either.

    Too bad that your dreams and aspirations only go as far as wanting to kill PEOPLE. Because, that IS the military job.

  2. AvatarDaniel

    I was ono the Blue Ridge the first time it went to Nagasaki and that was way back in 96 I think. There were protesters there with a sign that read GET OUT BLUE RIDGE. When we would leave the ship at that port most would go to McDonalds or BK or Taco Bell. Most well all but the protesters were very nice and welcomed us. It was sad place for me and I think I got off the ship once while we were there.

  3. AvatarJuancito

    Lol… I got a crack out of every fucker that “can’t wait to report for duty on their new ship”. With a little luck you will be assigned to the aircraft carrier’s laundry, and watch all the combat action from the little window of the ship’s cleaning supplies room.

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