Black Tuesday, Dec 1, eclipse of hope

obama yes we canChalk up another gloomy portent. Hope is dead. After months of pretending to be a progressive mole in the White House, Barack Obama at West Point confirmed his actual dark nature. More troops not fewer, war not peace. Today those who’ve read Obama’s books can no longer pretend he is undertaking measured change. Others who think he cannot overreach without facing certain assassination must ask themselves what benefit is such a figurehead alive or dead?

President Obama’s escalation in Afghanistan doesn’t mark anything more than the death of the Democratic Party. The conservatives already have their party. Who needs a second? The two parties have always been one, but today the change voter received delivery confirmation on where their vote went.

Tuesday marked the heartbreak of millions of Americans who bought into the electoral process and voted themselves a hero. No sir, they elected a fraud –not in the incarnation of village idiot this time, but of the visiting Peace Corps community organizer who is actually a CIA/USAID operative for the World Bankers. For all his slick talk, the incongruous side of Barack Obama’s personality which can’t quit cigarettes and which rose through Chicago’s corrupt political machine has come abruptly into focus. He’s a vainglorious, cold-blooded hit man, every bit as calculated and premeditated as George Bush.

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2 Responses to Black Tuesday, Dec 1, eclipse of hope

  1. Avatar andrew braun says:

    let’s see… obama must think the best exit strategy for afghanistan is to send in more soldiers, to exit we will enter further, more equals less, change equals NO change, as orwell said in 1984, WAR IS PEACE??? i guess in terms of PEACE, gay rights, closing gitmo, ending No Child Left Behind, curtailing the ‘patriot act”, ending renditions, ETC. what he means is obama equals bush 🙁

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    McCain is attacking him for saying there should be a timetable to pull out.

    McCain is a Baby-Killing coward and proud of it.
    I guess that’s the real difference in politics, the Republicans are proud to be Murderers.

    But murderers-by-proxy, the ones beating the war drum the loudest aren’t going themselves. They’ll send their sons and daughters over, like McCain and Palin did. That’s only because they give no larger percentage of a good God-Damn about their own kids than they do anybody elses’ kids.

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