Dr Sanjay Gupta the US Quack General?

Telegenic doctor Sanjay GuptaCNN is leaking inside information that its own TV health care pundit Sanjay Gupta is being tapped for US Surgeon General. What do you suppose Barack Obama would have in mind, to chose a Big Pharma / medical industry / insurance interest / media shill to be the American people’s health care ombudsman?

Were you among those hoping that Candidate Obama was going to bring health care reform, instead of seeking out a second opinion to say we’re all doing just fine?

In 2003 Sanjay Gupta was an embed in Iraq for Chrissakes, reassuring American viewers that our boys were receiving celebrity care and that Hippocratic attentions were being paid to Iraqi wounded too. Did that turn out to be true? CNN embed Gupta was a propagandist! It requires what scruples to do that? Maybe Obama should pick Geraldo for FCC chair. How about Ollie North for Military Industry Czar?

More recently Gupta was the chief critic of Michael Moore’s health care documentary SICKO. Gupta led the corporate media charge to discredit Moore’s scathing assessment of the corrupt US medical system. Ask yourself, pray tell with what arguments could Gupta raise to redeem today’s pitiable state of affairs?

No surprise, Pricko Gupta has also proven to be an outspoken advocate of Gardasil, the tragically flawed inoculation being foisted upon our nation’s young girls.

To call Dr. Sanjay Gupta a quack would do disservice to chiropractors. He’s in a league with Republican Bill Frist. Take two bitter pills and call me an asshole in the morning.

Maybe being a CNN talking head comes with having to shill for whoever are your advertisers. At CNN, that would be the pharmaceutical advertisers, the HMOs and the insurance companies.

If Gupta indeed goes to Washington, will he feel the same obligation to represent his sponsors? It won’t be a matter of changed allegiances, they are the same corporate interests who fund both major parties. This time ’round that would be the Dems, including Barack Obama.

Anyone who had hope that Obama would bring change to America’s health care system, say hello to the brick wall’s new face. It’s the same face.

3 thoughts on “Dr Sanjay Gupta the US Quack General?

  1. Gupta is the worse sort of shill and again illustrative of how reactionary Baracks Obama’s government is actually going to be, but vaccination against HPV should not merely be considered automatically a Merck plot to hoist off its currently outrageously expensive vaccination off on consumers. Millions of women come down with HPV infections and it would be a medical advance to stop that from taking place.

    The main crowd fighting the use of this vaccination is a Right Wing outfit called Judicial Watch, who want everybody to think that efforts to vaccinate against HPV is some type of totalitarian government plot! Here is their web site info about their campaigns http://www.judicialwatch.org/special-projects Check it out and get an idea of their motivations by browsing some there.

  2. To know Gardasil is to hate Gardasil. I’m shocked that ANYONE other than a shill for Merck would waste a single syllable defending its use. There are many ways to address the HPV issue without threatening the health of young women and dumping billions into the coffers of arguably the most evil pharmaceutical company on the planet.

    Paranoia about right wing conspiracies should hold no sway in the Gardasil debate. The vaccination is unnecessary, expensive, dangerous, potentially lethal. End of story.

  3. No, not end of story. Millions of women come down with HPV and thousands die from cervical cancer linked to that virus. So saying that the vaccine is unnecessary is not really the truth. Neither has it been shown to be a lethal or dangerous vaccination though multiple attempts have been made to do so.

    Expensive it is, with Merck holding the patent to it. $350 for it makes it an expensive vaccination and possibly not a cost effective treatment to fight HPV because of that. If Merck did not price it so high, then this vaccine would already most certainly be in much greater use.

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