Freezing the elderly to death in America

incarnatiMost of us have heard about the 93-year-old man in Bay City, Michigan who had the utility company freeze him to death when they turned the power off. He had not paid his utility bill of $1,000 outstanding, but he had a will donating $600,000 to another corporation, the McLaren Health Care Corporation which controls the administration of the local hospital (Bay Regional Medical Center) near by.

Poor man. And here is the news that the national media did not report, and that is that this corporation that this poor gentleman donated his money to pays its CEO around $2,500,000 salary per year! That’s his picture up there.

Around 600 people per year freeze to death each Winter in the US, which is not too bad for a capitalist country when you consider that much smaller Hungary (another country with a capitalist government) loses almost the same number of poor each Winter, too. The info about that number is in this article about the man who just froze to death Michigan Investigates Freezing Death of 93-Year-Old The salary report of the hospital chain’s chief where his donation will go can be found here… Philip Incarnati, McLaren Health Care Corp., $2,391,269

Philip Incarnati may actually make much more than the figure quoted though? See Philip A. Incarnati Appointed to Theragenics Board of Directors

Notice the connections of CEO Incarnati to a whole bunch of locales other than just the simple looking hospital where poor frozen to death Marvin Schur donated that chunk of money, too? Philip Incarnati is just as much part of this story as the Utility Company is.

Do not be misled by these hospital chains that try to hide their real data, and try to make themselves look so saintly that one might want to actually trust them in to Biog money in your will perhaps? They are just not what they seem at all, and the way they treat the elderly in this country is obscene! Not even having $600,000 dollars was enough to save Marvin Schur.

That’s a picture of Philip Incarnati, CEO of McLaren Health Care Corporation… YES… He’s making a killing, but I’m sure he’s hoping that nobody will see this info about him and connect the lines together again for poor Marvin Schur! He did not donate to ‘a charity’ as was mistakenly reported by much of the press, but instead donated to a hospital run by McLaren Health Care Corporation! Marvin Schur leaves ‘everything’ to Bay Regional Corporate World posing as charity downs WW2 vet…

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3 Responses to Freezing the elderly to death in America

  1. Uh, let’s see if I can get this straight…..

    You want I should feel sorry for Mahvin, who refused to pay his utility bill, probably for at least six months, while he had $600 grand sitting in his bank account? Mahvin, who chose not to pay for his basic life necessities, and seemingly tried to get others to support him, so that he could feel good about being a philanthropist?

    And for some reason Mr. Incarnati is to blame?

    Liberal spin knows no bounds!

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    His name was Marvin and not Mahvin, Mickey. And he was 93 y/o and obviously had no social support system because in your lovely society the elderly are pretty much left to fend for themselves or merely get thrown onto some assembly line ‘care’ moving them toward their death certificate.

    93 y/o people need a neighborhood of concerned people and not a lot of fortified walled off folk nearby who are all working so hard and alone for their capital. They need community services and a public health system that just is not there because it would be a human service provided and not some medico-techno thing centralized from some Temple of Doom ‘hospital’.

    Mickey, I don’t really expect for the likes of yourself to understand the meaning of the word compassion. You’re kind of dense, in other words. And cold. And thoughtless. You, in fact, are a prototypical supporter of the System just like Marvin seems to have been. The System finally did Marvin in though he appeared to have supported it all his life. Lesson not learned by you I see.

  3. Avatar Mary Doyle says:

    Please do not equate Bay Regional Medical Center with Philip Incarnati. BRMC is a wonderful non-profit hospital that serves a large community. The vast majority of BRMC’s staff and officers receive modest salaries (though I believe the current President of BRMC is paid too much–nearly $500,000). I hope and pray that the wonderful gift Mr. Schur gave to the hospital will be used wisely. BRMC is well-run with many honest, caring, and hard-working officers. How do I know? My dad was the President of the hospital until he died about 10 years ago. After he died, the hospital was bought by McLaren. Fortunately, the community still has a great medical center. Mr. Ignati should reduce his salary. By the way, my dad never asked for a raise, made maybe $150,000 a year in his last year, and was paid less than half of what other hospital CEO’s were paid. He truly believed, as do most of BRMC’s officials, that hospitals are for the people, not for profiteers. I hope Mr. Ignati is donating lots of his cash to the poor people in Flint. So many are suffering there.

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