High Priest Felipe Calderon’s great human sacrifice to Drug War God Obama

human sacrificeObama and Mexico’s Presidente Felipe Calderon got themselves together at the big house, Los Pinos, to celebrate their blood lust for more militarization of both Mexico and the US disguised as a so-called war on drugs.

Calderon, like some blood thirsty Aztec god of the past, insured that the international press would take due note of this big time pow wow, by having the Mexican Army do a human sacrifice of 16 nubile virgins… no I am sorry… one heroic soldier of the patria, and 15 ‘sicarios’ in honor of the visit by the Drug War God Obama. See Obama pledges support in Mexico’s drug-trade war

Nobody questioned the timing of this human sacrifice at all, and the world went about its business of watching sadly on as the Drug War God Obama requested yet more human sacrifice in the days ahead from his Mexican quisling, affectionately known by most as ‘Fecal’ (SHIT) Calderon.

See the initial press version about this human sacrifice- Mexico drug clash kills 16 ahead of Obama trip

4 thoughts on “High Priest Felipe Calderon’s great human sacrifice to Drug War God Obama

  1. meh, while the criticism is good and filled with sarcasm and all, not only do you digress from the topic but it seems like you forgot how things started going wrong. If this is supposed to be journalism, let alone blogging, then you fail at it harder than both presidents fail at blitzkreig wars.
    First of all, the reference to the sacrifices is all wrong, because they’re supposed to be pure, and the “sicarios” are anything but, but if you’re upset by the deaths of some goons, then you should see the shit they pull amongst themselves. These people are barely human, unfit to be sociable in almost every level, and going to the senate and asking for the legalization of drugs is the fastest way of throwing the house outta the window.

  2. Yeah, the biggest drug lords in America North, Central and South are in the mansions of the Governments.
    Like the Pentagon in the U.S. and their neo-colonialist Puppets throughout the world. Like Calderon.
    Here’s something, do you reckon that the people hit by the weapons on board Predator Drones and Air Force and Army “Man”ned Aircraft, do they die in a more humane manner than somebody being beheaded with a machete? Are you sure?

    Back to Calderon, and his fellow puppet dictators in Iraq and Afghanistan, do you believe that Calderon, one of the richest men in Mexico, would not be dipping into the stash of dope money too? Rich people don’t get rich by being honest citizens.

    The biggest fortunes in the world are steeped in blood, and their holders, drunken with blood. Since the Richest people in Mexico or the rest of Latin America are whites, Spaniards to be exact, why would only the darker skinned “narcos” be targeted?

    Los Huedos, now, they’ve got plenty of money, plenty of paid-off government officials working for them, and the morals of just any other Imperialistic dynasty have or had. Meaning, they’re the ones who will be in the lowest circles of Hell.
    That would explain why they’re not the ones being hunted and slaughtered like “barely human animals”.

    I’m just going to guess that you, too, are Huedo, perhaps Hijo de Algo, somebody’s son? Junior? You sure do use the Hidalgo contempt for Los Indios, words like “barely human animals”.

    If you’re looking for a return to the days when Los Hidalgos could hunt the peones like animals, well, since first Fox and now Calderon are loyal puppets of the New Empire, your wish has been partially granted.

    Only the “animals” have now become rather heavily armed, so maybe your little Peasant Hunts won’t turn out as well and easily as you thought, eh, George? Maybe you’re one of those content to hide behind the piglike police Animals as they do their dirty work for you, eliminating the competitors.

    Seems some of THOSE cowardly putos are being taken out of their castles and killed in their patios, yes? The “barely human animals” are fighting back and you’re so very afraid. Maybe you should be.

    Maybe you can hire some strong, brave peasants to fight for you. Oh, that’s right, you already did. Pay them well.

    But then, one day they’ll realize that instead of protecting your wealth and so-called “power” they’ll just drag you out of YOUR castle and hang you by your intestines while you’re still screaming… and simply take your castle and all your money at one go.

  3. Jonah, you ask …. ‘do you believe that Calderon, one of the richest men in Mexico, would not be dipping into the stash of dope money too?’

    In Mexico, the big ‘dope money’ for dopes like Presidente (US puppet) Calderon is money from the US government to militarize Mexico… US tax payer monies given to the Mexican military to kill their own people. Most of that money given out to fight the US’s ‘Drug War’ there is through ‘Plan Merida’ which Obama and the Democrats are promoting nonstop.

    Results so far? Mexico is becoming a gangland/ cartel infested splatter country, same as Colombia and Central America where the US has similarly ‘intervened’ against supposedly what the US government will call ‘drug trafficking’. Blood all over the place now.

    I find it sad that the US ‘Peace movement’ simply doesn’t seem to know anything about what’s going on. One gets the feeling that the mainly Anglo US liberal radical community would have a hard time locating Mexico on a world map even. ????? Clueless people. They think it’s all about drugs and keep their mouths silent about US military interventionism there, and the general public is even more ignorant yet!

    In the last year, new major Mexican cities other than just Ciudad Juarez, have slid into a total chaos and anarchy reminiscent of US Occupied areas of Iraq. The major well populated cities of 1/2 million people or more, Nuevo Laredo, Reynosa, and Matamoros, are now free fire zones where most of the population is permanently now holed up in their homes scared to go out in the streets for anything, or fleeing even (those who have money and papers) to neighboring Texas Border cities.

    The worst area hit has been the areas of Mexico right across from Rio Grande City, Texas, where another 1/2 million or so folk live in relatively smaller burgs. The cartel army troops walk around armed with rifles and other high powered weapons openly and at all times seemingly in the downtowns and central plazas there of these smaller cities ( Mier, Ciudad Aleman, Camargo, Comales, and so on).

    This area is the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, which has now replaced the better known areas to Americans of US sponsored Mexican counter-insurgency warfare, of Chiapas and Oaxaca as areas where maximum bloodshed is being shed. The warfare threatens to hit and take over, too, entirely one of Mexico’s largest cities… Monterrey.

    This is a very serious situation getting horribly inflated by US government and military interventionism gone blowback levels once again. US citizens will be extremely lucky if the US made blood flow stays Mexico side and does not soon travel North into the US directly. This is one war that has a high potential to directly impact the US civilians who pay for all the wars ‘our’ government makes on others.

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