Ultra-Violent US Drug War creeping back North towards America

getting highThe US ‘Drug War’ is a spectacular international failure, whether it be Afghanistan, Colombia, Central America, or even the US-Mexico Border towns. In fact, the whole country of Mexico is being eaten alive by this so-called Drug War and the US population is hardly aware of what’s going on! How soon will it be before this newest bloodshed and carnage crosses to this side of the Border?

Fear keeps Americans out of Mexican sister city/ Nogales’ tourism-dependent economy paralyzed by gun, drug battles This is much worse than Prohibition ever was, and yet there is hardly a sign of a forthcoming intelligent decision to stop the carnage by stopping the ‘War’ now. Very sad. Will the US soon become a land of common beheadings and dumped bodies, too? Americans thought they had already seen Drug War violence, but what is headed our way soon will be much worse.

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  1. Mexican cartels send message of chaos, death. Drug gangs use increasingly grotesque methods to influence public opinion from the Washington Post

    Below this there was yet more MSNBC news (from AP) that the US government is feeding this Mexican ‘Drug War’ with almost 1/2 billion dollars. The less success the US has with ‘war’ funds the more the US government keeps it up! Total US government bankruptcy of the American people themselves is the only stopping point…. it does so seem.

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