How long can the US and Mexico militarily occupy Ciudad Juarez?

Felipe CalderonCiudad Juarez is a city of 1,500,000 plus people directly opposite El Paso, Texas, and Presidente Fecal Calderon and his Gringo manager, US President Barack Obama, have occupied the city with 10,000 Mexican troops. In short, this is where and what the so-called ‘War on Drugs’ has ‘retreated’ to.

Sure military pacification works short term but not long term, as the examples of Lebanon, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and Gaza so poignantly illustrate. So what happens when the troops are withdrawn, and they eventually must be? What happens then? See An Army Takeover Quells Violence in Mexico/ Drug Killings in Juarez Plummet, but Rights Complaints Surge

My guess is that they move on and occupy with troops yet other major cities in the years ahead. And eventually… voila! we have a situation much like that of Colombia. In other words, ‘the solution’ becomes the bigger problem.

2 thoughts on “How long can the US and Mexico militarily occupy Ciudad Juarez?

  1. Interesting article but way, way to brief and superficial. It read like, “soldiers in city bad – BAD!” Need to give the argument more substance and flesh out the reasoning behind the conclusions.

  2. It’s been an ongoing thread. There’s tags and links to them. Not just “military in the cities” it’s “military who are trained to shoot to kill without regard to any kind of law” like the U.S. Army does in Iraq and Afghanistan. Nowadays they’ll murder you for going for a walk in the desert by moonlight. The ICE and their military backup, not the drogueros. Add in the trigger-happy Minutemen cowards, for some reason their murderous antics go uninhibited by the Military or ICE.

    It’s sort of like giving the Klan their own regiment in the Army.

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