Israel, the ‘Jewish State’ of Vandals

Caterpillar bulldozerHas any other country ever become so linked to vandalism as Israel? The national state bug is even the Caterpillar in the world’s eyes. For a group of people that talk about building a nation of milk and honey out of supposed wasteland (which of course is what they continue to call the land full of Palestinians that they moved into), they sure do a lot of tearing down.

They tear down olive trees, houses, whole blocks of buildings, whole cities, almost anything that is not Jewish property. Oh No! Not Jewish property. That’s sacrosanct!

But the property of others? Get out the national bug, move the bulldozer into place, and DESTROY! Thank you, American taxpayer! You make it all happen.

OK, OK. The Americans know how to vandalize, too. Hey, our government even vandalizes our US economy, never mind how they vandalize National Security. Our American Eagle really should not be. Instead, we deserve to have our nation bird be the Vulture, don’t you think? But the Caterpillar will always be Israel.

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