Jewish State Israel’s slow construction of more war and more Apartheid

settler savagery
On March 2, 2009, the Israeli advocacy group Peace Now issued a report saying that the Israeli housing ministry plans to build 73,000 housing units in the West Bank. Peace Now said 15,000 of these units had already been approved, with another 58,000 awaiting approval. This article continues at The Settler Question- What Israeli Peace Process?

They talk two state solution even as they dismantle Arab neighborhoods. They talk Peace, even as they insure that there will be more war. Always they build racism instead of coexistence. That simply is Israel at work today, as it slowly builds toward more future conflict in the Middle East. The Jewish State doesn’t want Peace, since it simply wants still more Palestinian land.

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1 Response to Jewish State Israel’s slow construction of more war and more Apartheid

  1. Avatar Ban Sidhe says:

    They are such racists. Today Zionists dressed as tourists to storm Al Aqsa Mosque during Muslim prayers. they are just evil racists, nothing more.

    see here

    Zionists won’t be happy until they have murdered every Arab. They are a cancer on this earth and must be stopped by all sane people of the world. They have already spproved another 70 thousand homes to be built on Palestinian land, the have a youth group called the “hilltop” group who steal the homes of Palestinians by night and attend school by day. This is what they train their children to do, yet have the audacity to talk about Palestinain children hating them? wonder why LOL

    No, israel has done it this time, gone too far, couldnt control the media (although they tried awful hard!) the world has seen what Zionism truly is and has said in a loud collective voice NO MORE. Sorry israel you lost the support of the majority of people in this world. How does it feel to be the most hated state in the world, enjoy your new found status, right alongside Hitler.

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