We won’t attack Iran, our trigger finger will

Olmert and RiceCondi Rice says disingenuously that the US government can’t, just can’t stop its trigger finger, Israel, from shooting at Iran. See her shaking hands with Olmert though? The Haareetz report of her comments.

This obviously is somewhat of a change from the usual illogical Conservative mantra that guns don’t kill people, people do. Now they say that guns do kill others on their own, but only Jewish guns I guess are like that? Go figure?

One wonders who the Bush Administration and their Democratic Party coat tails think are fooled by this sort of crap? The same people that are fooled by them to thinking that torture is not torture if people like The Condi say it’s not? And the Democrats go along playing stupid?

The US government plans to attack Iran and that seems quite clear, but it is just that they don’t want responsibility for doing it so they do this song and dance.

Where’s Obama? Oh, I forgot. Barack is a friend of the Jewish theocracy of Israel. Now listen to all the American Jews shout out, ‘Israel is not a theocracy, it is a democracy!’

We won’t be attacking Iran, our trigger finger will. It is self-described as ‘The Jewish State’, but it is the Christian State that calls the shots, contrary to what the Bush Klan says.

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  1. Maybe this is like the green light the US gave Saddam to invade Kuwait… When Israel takes the bait and attacks Iran, we unmask Israel for the rogue brute that it is.

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