Israeli torture of Palestinian prisoners is routine

Internet megaphoneThe Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) has so much documentation of Israeli torture of Palestinians that I will just give readers the link and let them browse all the documentation all on their own. I am doing this because this web site, Not My Tribe, is now a target for the Israeli government’s propaganda spam machine, the Internet Megaphone, and that device, the IM, has just denied on this blog that Israel tortures prisoners incredible as that might seem to any informed citizen of the US or Israel itself!

US government use of torture on its own POWs held is at one with Israel’s use of torture. The one feeds the other and it must all be exposed and stopped if either society should ever be able to become humane. The US government has many client states, that it allies itself with, that use torture as a routine on their prisoners, and Israel is one of those. Torture Denial by those who use it is merely a sister form of Holocaust Denial. It is sad that the Israeli government engages in such.

Sad, too, is the fact that many American citizens, by and large copy the very same Torture Denial in regards to their own government’s use of torture on people. They simply will not admit that the government does exactly what everybody already knows it does, which is routinely use torture on prisoners. It’s time for all citizens in these 2 countries to stop playing this game of Torture Denial, and to simply get on with banning the practice entirely.

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7 Responses to Israeli torture of Palestinian prisoners is routine

  1. Avatar Don says:

    Your piece covers the 1990-99 era. In another thread, I noted that Israel banned torture in 1999.

  2. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    If you go back to the link you’ll notice that it continues from 1999 to the present on another web page. I left it for you and others to follow the story forward and also to explore the documentaton, too.

  3. Avatar Ronald Goff says:

    Your biggest concern is torture in Israel??? LOL Have you any clue of the unspeakably barbaric things that go on in the Arab states? You should take your comedy act on the road. Your shtick is too funny.

  4. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Our bigest concern is torture by US allied forces, ‘Ronald’, and that includes both Israel and US allied Arab countries, too.

  5. You notice the Pig-suckers keep denying that Torture exists either in American Jails or Israeli Jails based on the “evidence” that the Torturers deny their crimes.

    Hey, Jack Goff, check out what I said about Deine Fuhrer Cheney.

    Then see if you have the testicles to do anything but sneer from the safety of your mom’s basement.

    YOUR Pig heroes torture Americans In AMERICA, punk, for the so called “crime” of talking back to their coward asses.

    And they do it while they have the prisoner handcuffed and helpless, because that’s their level of courage too.

    Just like yours.

  6. Avatar Don says:

    Tony Logan,

    With respect to the years after 1999, there are allegations and a pending case before the High Court. If the High Court rules that torture took place, then those responsible should be held to account and necessary reforms adopted. However, the High Court has not yet reached such a conclusion. It is prudent to wait until the allegations are confirmed rather than prejudging the matter.

  7. Avatar Tony Logan says:

    Pompous twit playing your lawyer routine once again, Israel.

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