Israelis indignant at being called Nazis

Warsaw Ghetto vs Gaza
Jewish leaders object to Nazi imagery at rallies. Avner Shalev, chairman of the Yad Vashem museum and memorial, called for the Holocaust to be left out of contemporary political discourse.

Is that rich?! There’s not a day goes by that Holocaust Remembrance isn’t in the news, propagated by Israel’s constant PR campaign. Google “Holocaust” for news items. There are remembrance press releases every news day.

“It is legitimate to constructively criticize the policies of any nation, including Israel. However, the baseless use of Holocaust imagery and terminology as a weapon against Israel has incited a tangible surge of anti-Semitism,” he said. “That is the danger inherent when people cynically use the Holocaust to distort a present political conflict.”

Is it really anti-Semitic to condemn the inhumanity of the Zionists? Does Judaism condone ethnic cleansing? If Israel doesn’t want to be compared to the Nazis, it should stop exterminating the Palestinians. What fucking gall.

The Nazis had a word for their anti-Fascist critics. They called them Communists. That’s why they had the support of industrialists, even Jewish industrialists, and the ruling classes. But sympathy for the barbaric Third Reich quickly wore thin.

Recent events only suggest to me that the Nazis lagged behind today’s Zionists. They lacked the technology. Do you think they would have dicked around with train schedules and relocation ruses if they’d had white phosphorous, free access to the entire US arsenal, and an international community indifferent to the fate of their victims?

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  1. Hey if they don’t want to be compared to NAZIs, the solution is simple. They just have to stop acting like NAZIs!

  2. True enough, Thomas, but then again, you and many others were calling the US government fascists not too long ago also.

    The fascism of the World War Two era was more than just about violent wars upon others that lived outside one’s own borders, but was also about violent suppression of dissent in support of corporatism inside the countries of Germany, Spain, and Italy, amongst quite a few other countries, too. While the Israeli and US elites befriend and use these elements in their political life today, the elites in no way have turned over total power to them. For example, total power simply was given to fascist groups in the US during the 8 years of the Bush Administration. Because of that, the corporate elites were able to change image course on almost a dime, and this week we are seeing just that.

    So if you want people to respond emotionally in both positive and negative manner, keep screaming Nazi! Nazi! Nazi! But you will be failing to actually be correct about what is actually taking place. Zionism is a form of racial supremacy and racist to the core. Israel is a colonial settler state backed by the ‘democracies’ of Europe and the US. That we can agree on. And these ‘democracies’ act like fascists against the people living within their occupied colonies. They always have.

  3. That was really well put.

    Maybe Fascist Nazi is like calling someone an asshole. They don’t fit the technical definition, but the designation has evolved into an expletive.

  4. Exactly. What happens is that Zionists and their supporters see enough difference in Israeli society from that of German Nazi Era society to just write off the epithet as being totally insane. It is an epithet just like calling US assholes like Rush Limbaugh ‘fascists’ also merely acts only in such a manner, too.

    For example… Good church people in the US have been indoctrinated into believing that German Christians were opposed to the Nazis rather than the biggest supporters of them. So they being good US Church attenders, also, cannot by definition (theirs) be ‘Nazis’ or ‘fascists’. So why scream that sort of stuff at them? They just don’t get it when you do and it actually leads to less communication with them than more.

    I made much the same error with the liberal theologians over at the J&P last Monday when I blurted out that they were conservative Christian folk. They became livid with me because they like to see themselves as wild radicals compared to the other church folk. All and any communication with them broke down at that point… Not that they want communication since what they really like is just CONTROL.

  5. Looks like just a few skinheads who work for this blog are posting about how they agree with each other. Total circle jerk. Why not just email each other?

  6. Bea, I wrote that bio just for people like you. I don’t look for you to look very deep, and you don’t, as your comments are one liners that say absolutely NADA. People like you always write a sentence or two insult and that’s it for them…. the brain is then exhausted, I guess?

    Got anything to say about the Middle East, for example? Do you even know where it is?

  7. More anti-Israel hate. To compare Israel to Nazi Germany has no basis in fact. The Nazis were responsible for the Holocaust in which 6 million Jews were among the victims of a deliberate and systematic campaign of murder.

  8. I love this:

    “Avner Shalev, chairman of the Yad Vashem museum and memorial, called for the Holocaust to be left out of contemporary political discourse.”

    What absolute bollox

    Im getting a bit sick of this “holocaust” mantra to be honest. Israel and the Jewish people do not own the word “holocaust” Im Irish, and we have had a holocaust, our population was halved three effing times over, and we lost well more than the disputed 6 million Jews who died in the Jewish holocaust. Our population has never recovered. Many cultures have had a “holocaust” Israel is not special in that regard, although it thinks it is and that is part of the problem.

    Jewish people do not own the rights to suffering, but they think and act like they do and use this “guilt” as reasoning to commit war crimes and ignore UN resolutions (over 60 of them!!) People are sick and tired of it. Israel has the 4th largest army in the world AND nuclear weapons, it’s not some “meek little, poor little, help me we had a holocaust” state!

    Israel’s recent behaviour has created millions of people who now see though this nonsense and refuse to fall for the same old lines any longer, and I say thank God for that. Because only when Israel is treated like every other country and only when Israel obeys international laws, only then will people show any respect for the rogue state that it has become.

    So yes, people can clearly see many identical things between how the Nazis treated the European Jews and how Israel now treats Palestinians. Only when Israel changes will the world no longer make these analogies.

    Deal with it

  9. Yeah, they also like to say that making war without justification isn’t actually a War Crime.

    Don’t know how to read legal documents, I guess.

    It’s one of the specific charges the Nurnberg Tribunals hanged General Jodl for committing.

  10. More hate against Israel ? That’s the neverending hipocricy of the devil speaking through jewish & U.S. people…
    Of course the jews now act like nazis with such powerful excuse in mind!!!
    But in reality there is NO difference between a (supposed) holocaust of 6 million jews and a 70 years old assassination of palestinians almost everyday over there (from the 1948 war).
    The amount of deads is the same!!!!!!

  11. All this site is fasciste, I hate your idiot people and I fuck you very much!!!!!!

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