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News from Imperial Rome, Crusades 2.0, and Racist Hysteria

Italy is warning the rest of Europe about Tunisian refugees and others from the wave of rebellion against the Empire in their home Vassal States, coming to Europe and taking over. Like they haven't been doing exactly that same thing to North Africa since the Punic Wars. Guess it's different when the shoe and the foot are on the other shore. They DO have some legitimate cause for concern, the last time the Empire got this big and powerful, it was taken over and some say, taken down, by a wave of religious refugees from the Middle East. They've even got a church where one of the Imperial palaces, the Vatican, once stood.

The sinking of Judea, aka the Palestine

In his novel Youth, Joseph Conrad wrote about a doomed coal steamer named "Judea."   A propos of nothing much (Conrad's theme was not solely about hubris), the story was based on events in Conrad's own life and his early maritime experiences on a ship which was actually called "Palestine."

Israelites go home

Admittedly this is a picture of Tel Aviv residents protesting their nation's militant actions against Lebanon and gathering to offer a prayer for peace.   On another level, is it also a picture of fair-skinned westerners on a Middle Eastern beach who've overstayed their welcome?   Maybe it's time to close Club Med Judea. 277