Life Magazine knows Afghanistan

life-aug57-vietnam-keep-village-freeWhy, it’s the price of freedom. LIFE didn’t question it in 1965, its readers know no better today. You have to destroy a village to free it. You have to cripple an enemy child before you can take him fishing.
Alanis Morissette couldn’t tell from irony, and neither can America. Then and now. Americans wouldn’t recognize irony if it blew up in their face 44 years later.

life-mag-july65-deeper-into-vietnamIn Vietnam in 1965, our photographers were allowed to depict US wounded. Six years into the conflict, the antiwar movement was still nascent, US GI casualties passed 2,000 (by 1966 they would quadruple), and America’s worst atrocities in Southeast Asia were yet to come. This Life Magazine cover story is titled “DEEPER INTO THE VIETNAM WAR.”

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