Video: UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza

Video: UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza…. Sir Gerald Kaufman, Veteran Labour Member of UK Parliament speaking January 16, 2009.

Youtube is now carrying many videos like the following ones… This Palestinian Girl a Victim of Israeli crimes Against Humanity and The 60 Seconds Hate Crime video and Zionists attack Christian tourists visiting the holy land

If Americans Knew more about Palestine/ Israel and American government support for antiArab racism carried out with US funds

5 thoughts on “Video: UK Jewish MP: Israel acting like Nazis in Gaza

  1. A year after the September 11 attack, Findley published an article saying that this attack would never have occurred were it not for uncritical U.S. support of Israel. [5] In that same article, he wrote that “U.S. policy on the Mideast is made in Israel, not in Washington,” and that “once beloved worldwide, the U.S. government finds itself reviled in most countries because it provides unconditional support of Israeli violations of the United Nations Charter, international law, and the precepts of all major religious faiths.”…’

    A little bit of excessive rhetorical hyperbole perhaps, but basically spot on. I don’t think that Israel is yanking D.C. along like Findley does, but it is easy to see how others might think that since the 2 governments operate almost in complete unison on most matters these days.

    ‘Findley blames the Israeli lobby for contributing to his defeat in 1982.’

    And, ‘Denise’, we have you word that this is not the case? …lol… Did you enjoy the videos about the damage that Israel does to others? What pride you must have in knowing that! Your bloodlust is all too evident.

  2. Tony,

    I never denied the Holocaust anywhere. In fact, I objected to some of the blogged messages that denied or discounted the Holocaust. Holocaust denial is inexcusable. The evidence that confirms the Holocaust is both overwhelming and irrefutable.

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