War on Islam brought home to Ft Hood

Says President Obama of the Fort Hood shooting that claimed 12 US soldiers: “It is horrifying that they should come under fire at an Army base on American soil.” Where does Obama think we are killing our adversaries? On their home soil, actually the majority of them in their own homes, with their family members.

According to Army spokesmen at Ft Hood, the shooter has been identified as an Islamic-named man, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, himself now slain. Confusion persists among witnesses that there may have been several shooters, in part because the civilian police officer who shot the shooter was himself then killed.

How convenient the shooter bears a name that infers an al-Qaeda sleeper cell operative, and not a corn-fed PTSD case gone postal. Twelve soldiers lay dead, among them the killer. How do you know which it was. We have only the Army’s word, the Army which misreports, whether it’s fired a missile, whether it’s raped a village, or whether a whole truckload of female US soldiers has been blown to bits, but the Army believes it more prudent to tell the public about it one gal at a time. So why believe the Army?

I’m not going to suggest that Major Hasan’s body was kept on ice for just such an eventuality, but I do believe he is among the November 6 casualties of Ft Hood, and he may not be the triggerman at all. I believe the Army might have looked over the mess and decided that Hasan would make a far better villain than a good old Baptist jock. Who’s going to know the difference? This would certainly explain why witnesses and wounded cannot agree on who did the shooting.

His very Muslim name notwithstanding, the FBI is already telling the press that the Ft Hood killings were not terrorism. In an act of sheer Zionist defiance, NPR is second guessing that statement. They believe everything else they’re told, but when the government want to make sure that the public isn’t roused to acts of racist violence, NPR decides to be skeptical. In news reports tonight, they’re letting the audience decide for itself, if Major Hasan’s suicidal gunman mission wasn’t an act of terrorism.

4 thoughts on “War on Islam brought home to Ft Hood

  1. Somebody reported as soon as the news broke “terrorism”.

    Then “suspected terrorism” and without a single name being mentioned.

    Maybe it’s the Pavlovian reaction, see and hear the word “terror” so often it’s the first thing coming to their minds.

    Violence bell rings, Press starts salivating the word Terror.

    That’s an awful visualization there.

    8 years of non-stop indoctrination there.

  2. So earlier, they were saying the guy was an exemplary soldier with no problems. Now the Pentagoons are saying he posted to “radical” sites that oppose the war Oh My! and that he had spoken out against the war in person Oh My!

    Jesus Christ.

    Oh now they’re saying he survived being shot.

    And the promotion they Earlier said they had put him in for, now seems to have changed into a “Negative Performance Rating”.

    Flippity Flop Floppity Flip.

    This story is taking more twists than you’d find in a Snake Orgy.

  3. I don’t blame Obama for his inappropriate “shout out” or using the shooting to advance his political agenda. Or going to Camp David instead of Fort Hood… I blame the Amercan people who voted him into office and giving him the power to do so.

  4. How about blaming all the Retards who voted for Bush twice and then voted for McCain and are as equally guilty as Bush and his inner circle for STARTING the war in the first place?

    How many of those Million pounds of nerve gas were found? You know the ones, Bush swore they were there… But then, Bush is an Anti-American murderer who has gotten more Americans Killed than bin Laden did.

    And then there’s those who throw out the old Fascist stiff arm and march off to kill for him. Without questioning the LIES he told to get them to do it.

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