Thinking outside the bomb, in the box

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOMB is a clever antiwar appropriation of Taco Bell’s inventive twist, but since when does imitation break from a box? And does “the bomb” mean what it used to? By the look of their logo, the TOTB activists are not talking about the A-bomb, nor bunker-busters, nor smart-bombs, nor predator drones. Intentionally or not, TOTB they’re invoking the proverbial cartoon explosive, wielded by anarchists or other insurgents, the only means by which social uprisings have ever transcended the box.

“The bomb” was the feared Armageddon of the early nuclear age. More recently, “Food Not Bombs” conflates bombs with militarism because modern war-making, aka peace-keeping, is dominated by aerial bombing. Returning to “bomb” in the singular insinuates nukes, or the mutually-assured destructiveness of endlessly reciprocated violence. So let’s see the bomb depicted more as a nuclear warhead or an artillery shell.

Intrinsic to the plea for nonviolence is the determination to subdue the military instinct with transcendence. And when have proponents of nonviolence exerted jurisdiction over anyone but themselves? Lead by example they cry. We will defeat the barbarians by not becoming barbarians ourselves. Turn the other cheek, the meek shall inherit the earth. I rather suspect, quoth Camelot: “It’s not the earth the meek inherit, it’s the dirt.”

To warmongers I say: think. In of itself, thinking is outside the box enough for you. To peaceniks: exchanging the challenges of human reality for a spiritual realm, is a religious balm that dates to antiquity, about as inside the box as it gets.

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8 Responses to Thinking outside the bomb, in the box

  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Maybe because the classic Round Bomb is more easily representative of the letter “o”.
    There is one illustration in the Anarchist Cookbook, “The Crazed Anarchist” looked a lot like me when I was skinny and had a really scraggly beard, the guy is planting a Round With The Fuse Lit

    Maybe up the ante a little, bring out the Tee-shirt from the late ’60s, “Every Child should have his own A-Bomb”

    In terms of Universal or at least Pan-Terrestrial destruction, might as well.

  2. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    It would be superfluous to teach some of the Tent City guys to make small shrapnel grenades from used shotgun shells, black powder, a firecracker and some superglue.

    All of which you can buy at WalMart.

    It would be superfluous because the most militant already know how and probably have some improvements on the design.

  3. Avatar patchsl says:

    Dear BJ;

    For such a self-avowed “lover of peace”, you seem to advocate an awful lot of violent, militant “solutions”… lemme’ guess – “the ends justify the means”, or “fight for peace” or “do as I say, not as I do”? … too bad this comment will never survive the NMT censors… the truth will set you free… except on NMT…

  4. Eric Eric says:

    patchsl- quit spamming our site, or you’ll be off entirely.

  5. Avatar patchsl says:

    Dear Eric;

    I find it amusing that you see fit to avoid my questions by labeling them “spam”…. “power to the people”… unless you disagree with them… wonder if the ACLU would protect my right to free speech….

    Sorry you find efforts to hold you accountable for your words and actions as “spam”…

    I’ll lower my expectations of you in the future if you let me stay on NMT…. whatever it takes…

  6. Eric Eric says:

    Patchsl- by spamming, I mean your copy/pasting the same comment over and over unto various threads. Now you’re courting getting booted for playing the idiot.

  7. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Actually, it wouldn’t be a “solution” but then, you’re not just advocating but actively (activistly?) committing violence against PEOPLE because they happen to be poor. 6 years ago one of your victims would have been ME. Not that you would give a rat’s ass about who exactly you harm.
    It’s really a warning to you, though. Many won’t take kindly to being forcibly dispossessed and yes, probably there WILL be some incidents where the Uniformed Thug assailants get back what they’ve been giving.

    It’s something people do. They fight back. You can spout about non-violence all you wish, you personally have never stood against violence. In fact, in this case you’re standing squarely FOR imperialistic violence, yet you’d criticize if somebody mentions the fact that your StormTroopers aren’t the Übermenschen they pretend to be.

    Your Super-Hero pigs know they’re mortal, and they’re AFRAID. It’s why they only travel in herds, always armed, and they never fight unless they’re absolutely assured of victory.

    In this fight which YOU, patchsi, in whatever persona or name you choose, YOU and your friends at City Hall have provoked, pursued, the fight YOU wanted… there’s a chance that you or one of your Hired Minions from the CS Gestapo Department will get harmed.

    Bitch of it is, while you’re here trying to provoke a further fight with me. Can’t leave well enough alone, I suppose.

    As for OUR credentials, we’ve been in the thick of it since like, Forever, mon!
    Your pretense of giving a rats ass about Nicaraguan workers or American Workers or anybody besides your own greedy self is just that: a pretense, and obviously hollow.

    Eric sells books. I sell refurbished computers when I have one available.

    You sell stolen land and Hatred. And the delusion of power which you don’t have to sell.

    And you try to sell… A Hog.
    A big smelly hog. You’re selling the hog that you care about the poor in any way, you’re selling the Hog of blatantly false piety and equally false patriotism. You have no lesson to teach, no gift to impart, only your Hate.
    That is a pitiful existence you lead. You should get some help.

  8. Avatar patchsl says:

    What pure, unadulterated hogwash… your socialist ideas are buried in the trash heap of history… proven useless in the USSR….

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