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Football-Ephesians-Tim-Tebow-Bible-Eye-BlackFootball evangelist Tim Tebow is at it again, proselytizing with his sportsman mascara. This time it’s Ephesians, something about how you’re saved by your belief in Jesus, regardless your deeds. It’s the same mentality that has Americans crusading against the Islamic world, desecrating humanity with an impunity sanctioned by blind faith. It’s the same mindless arrogance that emboldens Brit Hume to call Tiger Woods to Christianity, whose American tradition has it that all your mother killing and father raping will be forgiven. In Hume’s world, Tokyo Rose was tried for inciting war crimes. Hume doesn’t recognize that he’s guilty of worse. In Hume’s Christianity, apparently only Buddhists reap what they sow.

What is the point of the messaging in the eye black? Is it merely more ad space, like the helmets with the American flag decals, or uniforms with the Nike logos or embedded Swooshes, Gatoraid patchs and corporate sponsors of whichever bowl? Dark patches beneath the eyes might be nature’s way of easing the trauma of bright light on hangover sufferers. If the black light-sinks work, then Tebow’s white on black script most certainly impedes his vision.

It was always my impression that football players marked their faces with shoe polish like it was indian war paint, to give themselves a menacing look. I think that’s more Tebow’s motif, to intimidate with self-righteousness.

In which case, the I’m-better-than-you scripture reference would seem more along the lines of the sign which restaurants post above the coat rack: not responsible for stolen items, although common law dictates that if you are seated beyond line of sight of the garments you shed, the restaurant is responsible.

Tim Tebow informs us, through Ephesians, that he has chosen to follow God’s will for him, that his lifetime consist of playing American football. Whether they understands it or not, Tebow and company vitalize the spiritual center of America’s culture of violence. We kick ass, and hold God responsible.

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12 Responses to Tim Tebow here’s your sign

  1. Avatar K says:

    Did you even read the scripture before you wrote this blog? Perhaps your aversion to christianity prevents you from being able to understand the Word in the Bible. Salvation is a gift. We are saved by believing in Jesus if we accept this gift…but it is Not regardless of our deeds. We must confess our sins and turn away from sin. Jesus paid the price on the cross for all of our sins and we can be forgiven for anything if we believe, but it is not a license to keep sinning.

    Ephesians 2: 8-10

    8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

    9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.

    10 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them

    Brit Hume arrogant? Maybe, but there was a bit of truth in that arrogance. Not sure if it was appropriate but in light of what Tiger did and what he is going through, that is the least of Tiger’s worries.

    That’s right we reap what we sow but in God’s hands life is so much easier. Under God’s protection, in his favor, and under his grace the yoke is easier. And God’s blessings far out way the trials and tribulations of life.

    Tim magnifies the Lord and lifts up the glory of God on and off the field. There is nothing wrong with that.

  2. Eric Eric says:

    Obviously it’s a code of conduct that empowers recidivists.

    I do apologize for allowing the impression I don’t read up before I write.

  3. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    K, I hear Eric’s argument from other Christians, in church. Fundamentalist churches. Where doctrines like Once Saved, Always Saved do come up. Paul himself was arguing both sides of that question in the letter to the Ephesians.

    Brit Hume is a money-worshipping blasphemer. So is the entire staff at Fox News. His comments to Tiger Wood were to me the unmistakeable “Jumping Onto The Bandwagon” tactic as deployed by somebody who needed a LOT of help with his ratings. A lot of other “news” reporters did the same thing, he just happened to take Jesus’ name in vain while doing it.

  4. Avatar andrew says:

    ‘Tim magnifies the Lord and lifts up the glory of God on and off the field. There is nothing wrong with that.” what a freaking fairy tale!! keep your insanity to yourself- you and all the other christian assholes! ever hear of the Crusades, the Inquisition, Intolerance ETCCC?? i hope there is a hell for you and all your kind

  5. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    On the other hand, I was about to post that Tebow is the modern equivalent of a gladiator. Which Eric beat me to it. Not exactly a Christian occupation, but neither is any other form of violence.

    I don’t know where Tim Tebow stands on “christian” warriors like Eric Prince and Blackwater/Xe, but the other fellow mentioned, Hume, praises them with very faint damns.

    His job is to make War For God and King acceptable to Christians. Kind of like the Army and Police Chaplains do.

    Glorifying God on the football field, eh. The guys on the field are being paid to play a schoolyard game. So they’re good at throwing a ball around or throwing their weight around, literally. It’s entertaining to play and a lot of people find it entertaining to watch.

    But it’s a GAME. Not a real equivalent to a doctor or teacher or jurist or some such Professional. Something you would have to actually study to become good at, and with which you could do great good. Or great evil. Football isn’t such an accomplishment.

    I seriously can’t see where throwing your body at somebody elses body for a living glorifies God in any way. But Brother or Sister K apparently feels that it does.

    What is disturbing is the trend, now, to elevate being criticized for hypocrisy or being questioned on how does one reconcile violence to worship of the Prince of Peace, somehow, elevate one to the status of Christ on the Cross in level of persecution. Which ties it right back to Brit Hume and the rest of the reprobates at Fox News.

    Brit Hume for instance is currently making roughly 8 million a year. That’s roughly twenty times as much as a minimum wage worker will make in a lifetime. (I haven’t done the math so don’t hold me to that, it’s probably a lot more than twenty times but I’ll be nice) A lifetime of REAL work. For the “Professional Service” of being a cheerleader for some of the most Evil enterprises imaginable. His employers, Fox News, say that Torture is a Christian thing to do.

    When somebody ELSE who isn’t a Christian, or is a Christian who disagrees with Fox Theology, says that the Church of Fox advocates and participates in Murder, Torture and Theft that person is somehow Victimizing the multi-Million Dollars Per Year Liars. The louder they scream about being persecuted the more money their retarded audience throws at them.

    Brit Hume is angling for a raise. To the low 8 figure range, ten million a year. The Star Liars like Bill-o make anywhere from 35 to a hundred million a year.

    Hume has to make himself look the Proper Victim. And do it in Jesus name.

    That offends me as a Christian. It’s easy to see how that would offend others. Literally gorging yourself on the money gotten from the blood of Child victims of the current Crusade and only slowing down long enough to whine about being a “victim” when it’s pointed out that you’re eating the figurative flesh of REAL victims.

    It could go on an infinite loop here, they would then say that being told that they’re unjustly portraying themselves as victims, makes them even more persecuted, and if somebody mentions that…


  6. What I don’t get is these athletes thanking God after a victory. Aside from the arrogance of thinking God cares for the result of petty & meaningless games, devised as they are by an establishment intent on distracting the awareness of the masses away from more important and pressing social issues, the pressing question is where was God for the losers? He just happened to love team A more than team B on such & such an occasion? Did team B masturbate too much for God’s liking before the game began, explaining why team A had the God-influenced bounce-of-the-ball go their way?

    How about somebody of adult intelligence informing these clowns that God, should he/she exist, doesn’t give a fuck for your meaningless pursuit of fame and riches? That God frowns upon any individuals amongst the masses being used as pawns by the elite to distract the rest of the masses via meaningless entertainment. That if you, so loving of God to praise him after every victory, really cared so much about what God wants, you would abandon such meaninglessness so as to not be a servant for the vampiric establishment. The latter choice is what’s known in the Bible as taking the narrow road. Working towards fame & the riches via meaningless but popular entertainment is what’s known in the Bible as taking the wide road.

    Lets see Dumbow reference the narrow/wide path Bible verse on his cheeks when he hits the NFL. The irony would be terrific to observe.

  7. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Yeah, my dad said that a lot. Watching the Dallas/Irving/Now Arlington team praying before each quarter, and each important play. “God doesn’t care who wins a damn Football Game.”

    Haven’t had my coffee yet drawing a blank on the name but the guy who played “Braveheart” in another movie about VietNam, high ranking officer, praying before the mission begins “Lord, I know that many of the enemy are praying to you right now for victory, for their safe return to their loved ones, all the same things we’re praying for… so God, I’m asking, Don’t Listen To Them”

  8. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    What if, just as “The Divine Miracle of The Schedule” pits Brigham Young against Notre Dame, and Southern Methodist U. against Texas Christian University, and the winner of any of those games plays Baylor… (Mormon, Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist…)

    With the requisite Prayer Meeting before each game, toss in the Air Force Academy with THEIR requisite Prayer meeting before each game…

    Would The Ultimate Winner Of Such A Series decide for the rest of the known Universe exactly which form of Worship God favors most?

    And, (as is often the case) the Crusader Athletes meet the next year with exactly opposite results, does that mean that God simply changed His mind?

    Do the churches affiliated with the losing teams all have to do penance in sackcloth and ashes?

  9. Eric Eric says:

    To clarify, I don’t accuse Tim Tebow of claiming God is cheering for his team, or cares about Football. In fact I applaud anyone who brings higher issues into what’s otherwise a pass-the-time pastime.

    I take issue with Tim’s message –that your whim about what life is about, be it ignoring the plight of the disadvantaged, or flat out bombing innocents under a misguided pretext, is ABSOLVED because you are a “believer.”

  10. Avatar J. Lee McConnell says:

    Ok, this is to the idiot who wrote about Tim Tebow. Verlo, what you said is crazy. Tebow is a good role model for kids, and them islam nuts attacked us. You love islam so much move to Afganistan, Libia, or Yemen, and see how you like it there maybe they will behead you.

  11. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Did the 4 children who were murdered and dismembered by a U.S. bomb in Afghanistan the day before yesterday attack America?

    Are you saying that the people who murdered them, because many of them claim Christianity as their faith, were actually acting under orders from Jesus Christ, as told to their leaders through the divine inspiration of The Holy Ghost?

    Aside from that being blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, that would be an anti-American and Anti-Christian and, believe it or not, AntiChrist statement that would put anything attributed to Osama bin Laden to shame.

  12. Avatar Jay says:

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