Angela Merkel il culone intrombabile

But Silvio Berlusconi might alternatively have used “strutto culo inchiavabile” to describe any other Euro usury kapo, like himself, or his mates Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron who paid a surprise visit to Tripoli yesterday to herald the victory of Neoliberal World Bank “Democracy” over Libyan sovereignty –or was it to say thanks in advance for the oil? News of Berlusconi’s wiretapped indiscretion via Twitter offered what online translators would not reveal, how to say “unf*ckable” in the languages of your upstream: infollable, onneukbare… his choice of words remain as yet censored in the German press. Wouldn’t it be curious to learn which cultures have no word for the concept? I’d have thought that would be American.

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  1. Avatar Brother Jonah says:

    Calls to mind how Donald Trump described his business deal with Gadafi, which he reneged on, he “F*cked him” on the deal, set him up with a months lease on some property or another, got him to pay quite a large sum in advance then when he reneged, he kept the deposit.

    Promised to continue doing all that when he ran for president. What a wonderful concept, call theft equal to sex then say he’s had forcible sex… oooh what’s another word for that? Oh, yeah, RAPE… with everybody with whom he did business wait, there’s a better phrase, to whom he gave the business.

    What’s disturbing is he keeps wanting to get hold of a stake in the IMF and World Bank. What’s more disturbing than that is the Banksters have everybody’s bank records at their disposal. The Freakin’ Bureaucratic Idiots and Homeland Insecurity had to have special permission to look at peoples’ bank records but any clerk at any bank in the world can have that information with a couple of mouse clicks.

    What’s even more disturbing than that, the one party which proclaims itself “Liberty” as in TeaParty being their most visible faction, backed the notion of giving all that power to a thief who not only confesses to his sexual orientation being to stolen money, but boasts of it. On a private jet bought with stolen money, most of it from Public sources.

    As for the current case of Berlusconi v Merkel, it seems somebody slapped his amorous attentions aside. Like the kid in high school calling a girl who refused his advances a “slut”. Just as all the other kids at school would know exactly what the true story was, and many would still follow the High School Zero Hero, so too will so very many people follow Berlusconi and all the other pimples on the ass of Capitalism.

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