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Yellen, Lagarde, Merkel, & May, already give us a taste of women-led injustice.

When Hillary Clinton ascends to the US presidency, she’ll join a girls club of world leaders who’ve already shown that the feminine gender doesn’t lack for sociopaths. It may be hard to know whether IMF head Christine Lagarde or FED chair Janet Yellen are mere figureheads or cold-blooded usurers in their own right. The UK’s Theresa May hasn’t had a chance yet to flex her Thatcherism, but few dispute that Angela Merkel’s power is not as authentic as it is heartless. Those Americans campaigning for Hillary Clinton based on the assumption that women leaders could not possibly fail to restore humanity to a capitalist war-ravaged world, are ignoring the maternal instinct already disappointing on the world stage.
When the fracking industrialists came to Colorado Springs, they hired a white-haired grandmother to be their liaison to the city council. Predictably her fracking sold like hotcakes, if you’ll pardon the sexist analogy. Hillary is the frackers’ point-person to the unexploited regions of the world regardless of whether they beckon from war zones to be.

‘Austere’ German Chancellor Angela Merkel muddles around in Greece

‘Just minutes before Merkel arrived in downtown Athens, protesters dressed as Nazi officers rolled into Syntagma Square, outside the Greek Parliament building, in a military jeep festooned with swastika-stamped flags… …Her visit revived haunting memories of the Nazi occupation of Greece. Placards and banners across the capital brought swastikas back to the streets of Athens, only this time put out by Greeks themselves to mock and criticize Germany. Some protesters referred to Merkel as “the new Fuhrer.” “History is repeating itself,” said Georgia Taragi, a 59-year-old pensioner. “Only this time we won’t stand for it. Greeks have awakened.”‘ See German leader Merkel greeted by protesters in Greece

What are we in the US to call our very own American pushers of austerity for the poor and bailouts for the rich?
After all, all the Mitt Romneys and Barack Obamas ever talk about is how we need to defund Social Security, social programs, public schools, and local governments.

Inside Europe, German government has become the big enforcer of austerity programs used against the common folk of Greece.

Angela Merkel- Far Right Dominatrix of Europe’s sinking and enslaving capitalist economy

There is a rotten and conservative politician in Europe who is today’s modern version of Herbert Hoover, as she sinks us ALL worldwide down economically with her policies of ‘austerity’ for the poor, and public tax monies as gifts for the rich elites. I am talking of Germany’s Head 0f State, Mrs. Eurozone, the not so lovely Angela Merkel.

Google images in with her name with the word ‘dominatrix’ and this is what one begins to find out about her…

The idea of Angela Merkel being Euro Zone’s sadistic dominatrix seems to be a very popular one. There are many more images of her on this theme of sadistic domination than can be printed here on Not My Tribe.

That’s how many in Europe now see the German conservatice fiscal economic policies AND… Angela Merkel, Germany’s very own Margaret Thatcher perhaps??? Europeans see her as the pure embodiment of dysfunctional capitalist evil.

Wikipedia has this to say about the comparison of Angela Merkel with Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan’s great British political friend (and Mikhail Gorbachev’s friend also!)….

‘As a female politician from a centre right party who is also a scientist, Merkel has been compared by many in the English-language press to former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Some have referred to her as “Iron Lady”, “Iron Girl”, and even “The Iron Frau” (all alluding to Thatcher, whose nickname was “The Iron Lady”—Thatcher also has a science degree: an Oxford University degree in chemistry). Political commentators have debated the precise extent to which their agendas are similar.[80] Later in her tenure, Merkel acquired the nickname “Mutti” (a familiar form of ‘mother’), said by Der Spiegel to refer to an idealised mother figure from the 1950s and 1960s.’

Angela Merkel il culone intrombabile

But Silvio Berlusconi might alternatively have used “strutto culo inchiavabile” to describe any other Euro usury kapo, like himself, or his mates Nicolas Sarkozy and David Cameron who paid a surprise visit to Tripoli yesterday to herald the victory of Neoliberal World Bank “Democracy” over Libyan sovereignty –or was it to say thanks in advance for the oil? News of Berlusconi’s wiretapped indiscretion via Twitter offered what online translators would not reveal, how to say “unf*ckable” in the languages of your upstream: infollable, onneukbare… his choice of words remain as yet censored in the German press. Wouldn’t it be curious to learn which cultures have no word for the concept? I’d have thought that would be American.