Bill Graber, fake lesbian activist, agent provocateur, threatens websites to try to withdrawn his mug from public view

Retired Air Force, agent provocateur, infiltrator, Bill Graber aka Paula BrooksHELP! Any other sites out there being threatened by Bill Graber, fake lesbian blogger, DADT spoiler and Syria false flag propaganda troll? Now he’s pretending copyright infringement, trying to withdraw his ugly mug from public view. He’s threatening to sue NMT, our host, and I guess …half the web. Oh. NEVER MIND.
What a hoser. If the “retired Air Force” dude hadn’t been unmasked as the fake lesbian blogger “Paula Brooks” giving cover to the more infamous Gay Girl of Damascus Amina Arraf dude, he’d still be infiltrating lesbian blogs, sabotaging their DADT efforts and demoralizing fellow contributors, like a typical COINTELPRO op! When outed by the Washington Post, this is the photo he supplied, now it’s all over the internet. In our initial story, we didn’t know how much weight to give either his name, or his photo, considering he was the source of both, uncorroborated. Judging by the comments and emails we’ve received from agent Lez-Dude, he doesn’t mind the name “Bill Graber” all over the place, but boy he seems uncomfortable with the picture being out there. Could it be that he’s worried that with enough exposure the image will eventually catch the eye of someone who knows his real identity? OR did he give a dead person’s picture to the WaPo, and that could be found out? Who knows, it’s not like “Graber” is above hiding behind another identity, when he blogged as a deaf lesbian whose “dad” had to handle her phone calls from those dagblast reporters.
I’d say his claim to have copyrighted his lonesome image is an invitation for someone from the locality of Fairborn, Ohio to snap a real pic. His phone is 937-305-5518, his IP is, my bet would be to show this mug shot around Asian massage parlors outside Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Much legwork has already been done on “Bill Graber” sick puppy who insinuates himself into lesbian conversations to speak abusively to women, but his spooky military MO is going overlooked.

Synthesizing the complaints accumulated about “Paula Brooks” yields a pattern unnervingly like an activist-provocateur. Graber claims he was motivated to pose as a lesbian to help the cause of DADT, yet his efforts were chiefly disruptive and harmful. Accounts by fellow bloggers mirror exactly what peace activists experience with undercover cops.

By the way, after his unmasking, Graber handed off his site to another non-lesbian, not a man this time, whose husband is in the military.

Bill Graber photo provided to Washington PostCall me a nut, but I’m inclined to suggest that when the WaPo tracked lesbian “Brooks” to a man, it turned out to be a professional infiltrator, and an agreement was reached with the pro-military WaPo where a reasonably believable profile would be tendered to the public, sooner than out an agent. Thus we have “Graber”, this photo, and the following details: retired Air Force, construction worker, 58 years old, from Ohio. That’s all.

Whose photo? Well the longer that mug is online, the more likely such a question will be answered.

Then there will be more embarrassment, considering Graber-dude’s activities weren’t simply to thwart gay rights activists, but to lay the groundwork for US intervention in Syria, and who knows what else.

Of course that’s all conjecture, because I don’t want to out a Federal agent, that would be illegal.

Infiltrating social justice groups is illegal too, so in the interest of solidarity in activism, let’s find out who this Graber-dude is and invite him to come out, so to speak.

Chalk up this further DADT irony: when the military enforces DADT, it can’t hire any real lesbians to infiltrate lesbian blogs, it can only hire fake-lesbians. One hopes the Air Force wasn’t running gay and lesbian blogs to ferret out active duty homosexuals.

Alright, as promised, back to the charade of Graber-dude, ornery construction worker, upset about his likeness being featured on NMT. Here’s what he just sent us, writing as sammy the surf dog, in reply to our telling him to get stuffed:

You obviously need to get up to speed on just what the copyright laws says….

You are to remove that picture at once…. I will be sending the required notices to You… your hosting company and Google

and I’d start thinking about where you going to get the money to pay for the 2 month of unauthorized use….

Bill Graber


Bill Graber photo provided to Washington PostSeriously? Google, of all people, will see you coming. Unmasked miscreant wants to erase his tracks online. Good luck with that. Your mug is practically an icon, you could trademark it, except now it’s become generic for fake lesbian dude. Yeah, whatever your expertise, it ain’t copyright.

Graber-Dude, what I’m doing, actually, is contacting others online to see how many are receiving your silly threats. I see one site has switched out your photo with a sketch, but hopefully expressing solidarity the rest of us will just share a laugh.

Obviously we don’t NEED to keep your picture here, it’s everywhere else, let other sites do the heavy lifting, but now that you’re erase-my-tracks-dude, you’ve piqued our interest. Because infiltrators are of special interest to us. Unmasked, they ought to be reassigned to desk jobs with their tail between their legs, not busy at their keyboards exercising their mucking-up skills.

Here’s Graber-Dude’s next composition:

Dear Eric Verlo

It has come to my attention that you have made an unauthorized use of my copyrighted image in the preparation of the article entitled “Straight blogger confesses he’s lesbian.”

I have reserved all rights to this image, and I have registered the copyright.

You neither asked for nor received permission to use the image nor to make or distribute copies of said image. Therefore, I believe you have willfully infringed my rights under 17 USC Section 101, et seq. and could be liable for statutory damages as high as $100,000.

I demand that you immediately cease the use and distribution of all infringing works derived from this image, and all copies of it, and that you deliver to me all unused, undistributed copies of it, or destroy such copies immediately, and that you desist from this or any other infringement of my rights in the future.

You will also need to contact me to discuss the licensing fees incurred by your unauthorized use of this image.

If I have not received an affirmative response from you by 8-19-11 indicating that you have fully complied with these requirements, I shall consider taking the full legal remedies available to rectify this situation.


Not retired airforce construction fake lesbian blogger Paula Brooks aka Bill GraberMr. Graber-Dude. How about we trade images? You can use mine, you have my permission. But you don’t need it. Unless you’re using my likeness for commercial purpose, anyone is allowed to identify me with my image. Go ahead, I’ve got images all over, you have plenty from which to choose. You on the other hand have only one. Something odd about that.

11 thoughts on “Bill Graber, fake lesbian activist, agent provocateur, threatens websites to try to withdrawn his mug from public view

  1. Interesting you should bring that up. Graber’s got a long rap sheet, but no mug shots. I don’t doubt Graber is a real person, but IS THIS Graber?

  2. Maybe check death records from the Ohio Penitentiary system. It’s getting more twisted with each question not answered.
    But it would be easy for people who have control of the Public Archives to appropriate the identity of a dead person.

    People like the Military, for instance Jerome Corsi seems to have some expertise on the matter of forging records. But somehow doesn’t have a paper trail of his own on that score.

    When their best defenses are “Well, if we told the People the truth then nobody would support our wars” and then toss around slurs like “conspiracy theorist” to automatically discredit anybody who asks whether or not they’re lying.

  3. after trying to deliver the notices of copyright infringement it would appear nothing about this site is what it says it is…

    the contact address is false… as is the phone number…. in fact all of the ICANN registration info is not what Eric here says it is…. in fact Eric is pulling the same scam is is coming done on Bill Graber for

    Notwithstanding…. I am gonna track you down and sue your ass Eric…. and then turn this rag of a web site into an apology sheet for Boeing, Lockheed-Martian and the IDF…. not because I like any of those guys… simply becuase I can see it will piss you off to the max.

  4. big brave Eric….hiding behind fraudulent ICANN info….

    that explains everything

  5. just so all thee reader of this “article” know (and I use that word in the loosest of contexts)….

    An attempt was made to serve Eric Velo legal papers about his continued copyright thefts…. however none of the info Eric was legally required to provide for his domain registration turned out to be true.

    that would make Eric… petty much what he is all in an uproar about…. take it from a scam blogger… who has been there….. attacking what you are… is the first sign….

    if this guy has any readers, they should be asking for some face time to prove he is what he says he is.

  6. To which I would have to say
    “Nanny nanny boo boo, stick your head in doo doo”.

    So, were you in the process of starting another scam and having difficulty doing so because, what, somebody posted your picture on the internet? Oh, yeah, that was YOU and when you let the genie out of the bottle…

    As mentioned previously, Google images has plenty of sites with the exact same picture on them. I went to page ten of Google images for the search term “Bill Graber” and your mug showed up about 90 times. About twice that (including the ones with your picture) with the name Paula Brooks attached.

    I could be hypocritical and apologize for somebody else’s actions, like for instance yours, but I just can’t bring myself to do that.

    Something about you inflaming an already deadly situation with fake reports from a fake Damascus which apparently fake originated in your fake mind, along with your accomplices. And that was just you setting American civil rights back to oh, let’s see, about 50 years before the invention of writing….

    Then there’s the issue of Syria and neighboring countries.
    But, googling didn’t start showing this website until almost the bottom of the first page, so why exactly charge in guns blazing against this one in particular? That leaves the majority of the first four pages and by page ten, I think it was 4 copies of the exact same image, none of them with our website linked.

    So, tell us, what’s the real problem, Mr Probably-not-even-the-real-Bill?

    Does the word “santorum” mean anything to you? Google it and find out.

    Fifteen entries on the first page, ten of them including the first three were about the frothy mix of semen, lubricant and feces.

    I will admit, though, that you and your fellow blogger what’s-his-name really did a First Time number on my psyche. I know lots of people who are or were closet gay.

    You two are the first closet straights I ever encountered.

    Way to go, dudes and/or dudettes!

  7. We’ll leave your comments up because they’re so funny McGruber, and as legal documentation of your instability FYI. Much more of this and I’m reporting YOU btw.

    You notice the paucity of comments here? We are quite intolerant of abusive remarks actually, and we’re not the usual pushovers for trolls.

    And, um, you’re working with outdated info dude. Our contact info, address, phone, everything is right on this site under CONTACT.

    I didn’t read you at LezBeReal, but I’m guessing the only kind of lesbian you could impersonate would be a moron lesbian.

  8. yeah- friends are counseling me that you appear unstable. Are you unstable McGruber?

    Imaput you on “moderation” while we sort this out.

  9. Wait. Are we sure McGruber’s straight? Sorry to say but, based on the copyrighted photo, looks like Kaposi’s sarcoma is nipping at his combat boots

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