Render unto Obama the peace symbol that is Obama’s

I’ve always cherished the peace symbol button I wear on my coat lapel, lovingly decorated for me with rhinestones. But I see what it has become, a broach. Time to take it off, not because it’s grandmotherly, it’s pure and simple outrée. PEACE: Yeah, who doesn’t want peace –so what? That the peace symbol has become ubiquitous would have been something to celebrate only a couple years ago when it marked you as an obstinate hippie or wannabe malcontent. Today peace means Pax Obamana: WORLD PEACE imposed by imperial drone, PEACE KEEPING by occupation. The PEACE OF MIND come of military security. The PEACE AND QUIET absent of conscience, PEACEFULLY free of dissonant free speech. When George Bush said he would bring corporate malfeasance into compliance with the law, we thought he would reform their lawbreaking, instead Bush meant he’d change the law. Obama promised peace, the war = peace incarnation, and he intends to bring us into compliance.

3 thoughts on “Render unto Obama the peace symbol that is Obama’s

  1. PEACE is still a good button, Eric. It’s just that so many in the Antiwar Movement use it just like the word was really merely some sort of secret handshake meaning FELLOW DEMOCRAT. I just say to them though, that you have no right to this word when you’re always voting for this political party that’s for constant US War making.

    I’d love to see a button that says just PEACECRAT with a big X through it.

  2. Yes, we know that Jesus has told your non-liberal leaders, in person but secretly, to go forth and KILL a whole bunch of other Children of God.

    Amazing how many of them happen to actually BE children ain’t it? And of course to deny health care to your fellow humans, thus killing them.
    I know, the Revised Updated King James bible you’re working on changing into a manifesto for Right Wing carnage, blessed of course by God, says things a whole lot differently than any other version of the bible, and of course it’s not going to be very transparent at all that you’re rebuilding God in YOUR Fascist, thieving Murderous Image, right? Nobody’s going to be smart enough to notice.
    God says “Love thy neighbor” and “thou shalt not kill” and “when thou doest thine alms, let not your left hand know what thy right hand doeth” and not to worship money… so you’ll just say “Hey, wait! We’ve discovered a super-duper tippy-top-secret code that only those baptized into OUR church can read that says the KJV bible is actually a liberal plot to make Jesus look like a weakling!”

    Yeah, real subtle there, bubba. It’s been done before, Goebels was going to make a new translation of the Bible that cut Jews right out… and of course make Jesus into a Teutonic Warrior Prince much like your New Revised Version does..

    What’s really funny, only not actuallyhumorous, is the sheer number of people who only speak English and that rather poorly, spouting off echoes of their For-Profit Prophets screed that “Thou Shalt Not Kill” really meant “Thou Shalt Not Murder” and that any killings done in wars, executions, assassinations all approved by YOUR Church of course would be exempt from that law..

    Was GOD such a weakling that He would set pussies like George Bush and Cheney in charge of “His” Wars?

    Would GOD really have needed to make up lies about WMDs and Saddam being involved in 9/11, like your lying coward non-liberal leaders say?

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