Another criminal sociopath evades the hangman. Maggie Thatcher goes to hell

Was Margaret Thatcher religious? We might take solace that her final breaths were complicated by abject horror of the fate she knew awaited her. She might have been iron willed and resolute, are we going to pretend she was clueless? But justice delayed is justice denied. Thatcher’s karma is pie in the sky, while her destructive legacy was concrete as the sarcophagus that will protect her.

Ordinary Britons are jubilant and now officials and talking heads are admonishing celebrants to respect her deadness. — Did we learn nothing from Reagan’s funeral? We eulogized the senile man, and the unintelligencia used our lapse to lionize the cretin! Are we now going show the same clueless deference to Margaret Thatcher and add to the false history supporting her enduring world dynasty of greedy-bastards?! Thatcher was a wicked sociopath and those who praise her expose their ignorance or lack of conscience.

My takeaway from the spontaneous celebrations of Margaret Thatcher’s death is that we’ve got to hold good-riddance parties BEFORE these mofos pass on! On a related note, what pretext does President Obama have for attending the inauguration of George Dubya’s presidential library if he isn’t bringing handcuffs? The World Court should arrest the lot at Thatcher’s funeral.

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2 Responses to Another criminal sociopath evades the hangman. Maggie Thatcher goes to hell

  1. Clive Govier Clive Govier says:

    Hullo Eric,

    I was saddened to read your condemnation of Margaret Thatcher in your article “Another criminal sociopath evades the hangman. Maggie Thatcher goes to hell”

    If you read her testimony – as to her faith in Jesus Christ – you will see there’s a lot more to her than is implied by the many lies others tell, and that you apparently believe, about the lady.

    See, if you will, some of the details at . . .

    It’s good to remember the New Testament verse: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16

    On our response to that message depends our eternal destiny, each of us on this planet: yours, mine and Mrs Thatcher’s.

    I hope you will repent of (and regret) your unkind words about her, before you too shuffle off this mortal coil.


    Clive Govier
    London UK.

  2. Avatar Jeddy says:

    She destroyed the lives of the coal miners. She recaptured the Malvinas and thought she would keep Hong Kong and Britain would hold on to it after 1995. She reassured the people of Hong Kong that Britain will continue its rule on Hong Kong. She went to Beijing and found out China is not Argentina and returned to Hong Kong with the ‘bad’ news. Britain handed over Hong Kong, without single shot being fired. She left the British economy in ruin. In 2011 massive riots took place. The rich have becoming increasingly rich. There is homelessness and crime has risen many times over.

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