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Hillary launches presidential bid in a duck barrel. Hard choices? Not peace.

It would appear eternal candidate Hillary Clinton has launched her presidential bid into a barrel of ducks. She’s titled her campaign bio HARD CHOICES. Let’s see… Doing the right thing? Not really a hard choice. Favoring human rights? Not a … Continue reading

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Obama passes buck on climate change

At a commencement ceremony, President Obama told the college graduates: the most powerful leader in the world can’t address the climate crisis, you unemployed under-educated debt-slaves do it.

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Do you want another white president?

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Arrests reach seven at weekly protest of two-faced Denver bookstore

DENVER, COLORADO- Occupy Denver’s Tim Calahan and I were arrested and jailed at last Friday’s boycott action against the Tattered Cover Bookstore. This marked Tim’s third citation for drumming, my second, and Janet Matzen’s first. For drumming. Disturbing the peace … Continue reading

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