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The Ministry of Love (because non- compliance must be CRAZY right?)

In the book “1984” Winston Smith is arrested, and taken to the Ministry of Love, which in DoubleSpeak meant a Prison with a brainwashing facility. AKA, a psychiatric torture chamber. Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, held in a similar facility, in the Soviet Union, was described as Mentally Ill by the Soviets and the Western Propaganda Media called it a Gulag, a Concentration Camp and … Ministry of Love. When Massimo Tartaglia busted Berlusconi in the face by throwing a Church at him (literally, it was a model of the main cathedral in Milan), The GodlessFather Berlusconi first had a press release where Signor Tartaglia was taped begging his forgiveness, a “Ring Kissing” ceremony if ever I saw one. Berlusconi said he forgave him. And said two days later, as he was being bundled into his car, that “Love conquers hate”.

This being the Hate-filled Fascist Prick who expressed so much “love” for the policies of Hitler and Mussolini. Who “Loved” the Iraqi people so much, along with the former Fascist PM of Spain, that he joined the Bush Regime in bombing living Hell out of them.

Tartaglia was declared on Monday to be “unfit to stand trial” and the Italian “justice” Bureau ordered him to be kept in the Italian Psychiatric Ministry of Love until such time as they could prosecute him and make him start on the official punishmeLove Session. Meanwhile, behind closed “hospital” doors and “protected” from Human Rights scrutiny by the Loving medical privacy laws, so we’re told, he’s not being given pain causing drugs, held naked in a bare concrete cell or placed in painful restraints, or if he is, it’s not torture in any way.

No, using psychiatric facilities as Torture Dungeons is something only bad wicked people like the Soviets would ever do. Not “civilized” people like Berlusconi, or for that matter his Fascist Idol Mussolini.

Here’s the Fascist Prick immediately afterward. Sic Semper Piggus!

Oooh, I bet that gander doesn’t taste nearly as good with all the Goose Sauce on it…. What goes around comes back around, Baby, and you just got run over by a Karma.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Puppet Government denies that they mistreated Prisoner of War Muntadhar al Zaidi after he stood up to his American Masters, and the U.S. Air Force “doctors” who had him in THEIR custody for the better part of a week before turning him over to their Puppet Dictatorship “Ministry of Love” also deny Torture allegations.

Vive la Resistance

Sticks and stones can hurt Berlusconi

Silvio BerlusconiWounded premier kept for four days in the hospital. At a young age we’re taught to pretend that words cannot hurt us like sticks and stones. Later we accord to words more power even than paper, scissors, rock –those of us for whom violence is only a surreality.

Both delusions it seems to me come of a world inured by a void of physical hardship. I can’t help but believe that Silvio Berlusconi’s assailant got a message across to the Italian despot that none before had been able to connect, no matter their shouts, pleas or accusations.

Will Berlusconi rebound like Hitler or Stalin after the attempts on their lives? This wasn’t an assassination attempt, whether or not Massimo Tartaglia’s act was premeditated. And it wasn’t a conspiracy either. Massimo by his own hand cut the pompous autocrat down to a mortal stature.

I’m guessing Berlusconi is no stranger to fist fights, he probably pulls his errant subjects’ fingers off using the piers himself. But it’s probably been awhile since he’s been sucker punched. A sudden, uninvited violence like that is the closest example Berlusconi can experience of the institutional violence his regime and ours visit upon innocent people. From out of nowhere.

If Berlusconi and his fellow autocratic leaders beef up their security after this episode, so what? If it now becomes virtually impossible for a common man to get within arms length, or even shoe-throwing distance of a world leader, so what? What expectations do we have that there has ever been communication at that level? Massimo’s gesture, like al-Zaidi’s puts closure on the facade of our leadership. We must communicate among ourselves. Nothing comes of begging crumbs from people in power.

It fills me with inspiration, it really does, to look the wounded visage of Silvio Berlusconi’s, his untouchable countenance wiped clean away.

That said, my favorite scene from Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas comes at the end, after he’s gotten the best of the despicable Whoville mayor. “No hard feeling?” the Grinch asks, leaning in close and extending his hand. But instead of shaking his hand, he points his finger into the mayor’s face and laughs: Hahahahahaha Hahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahaha Hahahahahahahah!

Signore Massimo Tartaglia fist thrower

Arrest of Silvio Berlusconi assailant December 14So far the only Berlusconi-media-approved photo released of Italian Heavyweight Champion Massimo Tartaglia conveniently corroborates the diagnosis of Tartaglia’s alleged mental illness. What does that say about the average Italian, not crazy enough? Now of course Berlusconi’s press is predicting a wave of public sympathy for the wounded dictator. Basta!
My favorite incongruent idiocy came from the lips of Italian President Giorgio Napolitano who condemned the “grave and unusual gesture of aggression,” pleading that political differences be expressed “preventing and heading off every impulse and spiral of violence.” What’s good enough for Iraqis is not gentile enough for poor Berlusconi.

Italian authorities were quick to announce that Tartaglia was confessed remorse for his “cowardly and rash act.” But we can recognize that for bureaucrat-speak, because breaking through, then facing off the Don himself was anything but cowardly.

But then the Italian authorities had to backtrack on the impetuous aspect by confounding themselves with the conclusion that pepper spray and a crucifix discovered on the assailant suggested the attack on Berlusconi was premeditated. Aha. Interior Minister Roberto Maroni said of Tartaglia “He had been developing a rage against the prime minister for some time.”

Really? Since 2002-3 perhaps, when against the wishes of the Italian people, Berlusconi took Italy into the Coalition of the W?

From his hospital bed, Berlusconi is proclaiming “Love always wins over jealousy and hatred.”

While thousands of Italian Facebook users discover they have been involuntarily drafted into Friends of Silvio groups. While thousands of others find their newly formed Fans of Massimo Tartaglia group has been deleted.

Silvio Berlusconi – Sic Semper Piggus

If the Hate-mongers jump in I will probably put the original back.Image deleted –>
(If the Hate- mongers jump in
I’ll probably put the original back.)
Too bad they didn’t drag him and his mistress naked through the streets.

The Italian cops made sure to describe the Real Man who did that to him as “mentally ill.” Because of course, one would Simply HAVE to be crazy not to love a murdering puke.

I know. I have this saying, that hitting people won’t ever get their hearts right. It’s about certain that the violence is going to ramp up now.

Of course, it was going to anyway, and Mr Berlusconi is going to be portrayed as some sort of Holy Martyr.

EXCEPT… There’s going to be reminders, and not gentle either, of aspects the State Controlled Press (More like, the “free” press is owned by the same corporations which own the State) won’t make much of… without a little prodding and dissent from their standard line. One is that he was literally hit with a church.

There’s a passage in Tom Sawyer, about the town drunk Muff Potter being so heavily passed out that you could have hit him with a church and he wouldn’t notice.

But the Fascist party, of which he’s not “officially” a member… actually holds a lot of sway in Italy, France and Spain, and under that very name. And, they like to wrap up their crap in a blanket made of Church. Nothing unusual about that, even their aggressive level of “Pander to the Pope”.

What is unusual, and hugely important… Is the religious implications of hitting him with a church.

Massimo Tartaglia will be reviled in the “free” Corporate Media as a madman, or a terrorist, or both, and is almost certainly suffering a hugely disproportionate level of violent punishment, perhaps even torture, at the hands of the Fascist prison guards. Just like “our” cops would do.

The remark that he was “mentally ill” is their cover for doing it, when he shows up in court bruised and bloody they’ll tell the Judge that he did it to himself, and who is going to be believed?

It’ll be his word against that of The PIGS and no judge in the world ever gainsays his Fellow PIGS.

There are still Americans who agree with the Iraqi Puppet “government” over them Torturing al Zaihidi for throwing his shoes at Bush. They try to gloss over that for three weeks of that Torture Session he was directly under the control of the U.S. Air Force at an Air Force “hospital.”

Even wired up a “counter demonstration” in Paris last week where a Coward threw his shoes at al Zaihidi, then hid behind the French Government, who most certainly didn’t take him into a nearby room for the purpose of breaking his arm and other tortures, like their fellow Pigs did to al Zaihidi.

Kind of like the monkeys at the zoo throwing their feces at the lions, knowing full well they’re protected from retaliation.

Tartaglia is going to have a really hard time ahead for this symbolic act of Real Courage.

Berlusconi, like the Paris shoe-tosser and the Monkeys in the Zoo and the Torture Freak Sadistic U.S.A.F. Security Police in Baghdad, felt that his Goon Squad would protect him from any retaliation.

Their attitude of “might makes right” gets challenged every now and then.

Italian Dictator gets punched in face

duomo milano statuette figurineDec 13, MILAN– Massimo Tartaglia, 42, struck Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi with a miniature statue of Milan’s Duomo Cathedral.
My worries about it are that the guy who beat his ass is going to be in a U.S. Torture Chamber within the hour. Like al Zaihidi was after he chunked his shoes at Our Own Beloved ex-Dictator.