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The Ministry of Love (because non- compliance must be CRAZY right?)

In the book “1984” Winston Smith is arrested, and taken to the Ministry of Love, which in DoubleSpeak meant a Prison with a brainwashing facility. AKA, a psychiatric torture chamber. Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, held in a similar facility, in the … Continue reading

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Sticks and stones can hurt Berlusconi

Wounded premier kept for four days in the hospital. At a young age we’re taught to pretend that words cannot hurt us like sticks and stones. Later we accord to words more power even than paper, scissors, rock –those of … Continue reading

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Signore Massimo Tartaglia fist thrower

So far the only Berlusconi-media-approved photo released of Italian Heavyweight Champion Massimo Tartaglia conveniently corroborates the diagnosis of Tartaglia’s alleged mental illness. What does that say about the average Italian, not crazy enough? Now of course Berlusconi’s press is predicting … Continue reading

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Silvio Berlusconi – Sic Semper Piggus

Image deleted –>   (If the Hate- mongers jump in I’ll probably put the original back.)   Too bad they didn’t drag him and his mistress naked through the streets. The Italian cops made sure to describe the Real Man … Continue reading

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Italian Dictator gets punched in face

Dec 13, MILAN– Massimo Tartaglia, 42, struck Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi with a miniature statue of Milan’s Duomo Cathedral.   Heeeeheeeeheeee   My worries about it are that the guy who beat his ass is going to be in a … Continue reading

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